Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comic-Con announces where they will end up

Nerds every where (this one included) have been wondering where Comic-Con will end up once their contract expires.  Well the word has come out today that they will....

....stay in San Diego!!!  At least for the "forseeable future."  This information comes from  No details have come out yet as to what, if any, new accomodations the city of San Diego will be making to keep them there.  They have already announced an extention on the convention center and the plan to add more hotel rooms.  We will update you once we have that information.  In the mean time get ready to order your tickets when they go on sale in October.  And you'll want to get your tix right away because it will sell out quick.

What say you?  Does this decision make you happy, do you wish it was going to L.A. or Anaheim?  Let us know.

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  1. I wished it was going to Vegas, personally. Just because their Convention Center is huge and obviously, rooms wouldn't be a huge problem. But you know... if they can make it work in San Diego, that's the best.

  2. I'm fine with this. While I would have liked staying at home and sleeping in my own bed, going away to San Diego every year is like a little vacation