Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cirque du Soleil brings a new show to Hollywood in 2011

Raise your hand if you like Cirque du Soleil.... Okay, now raise your hand if you like movies.... Cool.  Alright, now raise your hands if you would like to see a Hollywood inspired show by Cirque du Soleil take residence smack dab in the middle of Hollywood.  Well guess what... that is indeed happening with IRIS.  A few years ago it was announced that Cirque would be bringing a show to reside in the Kodak theater (home of the Academy Awards) in 2011.  Today details about IRIS were finally released.

This new production from Cirque du Soleil is a lyrical, fanciful, kinetic foray into the seventh art. Bringing together dance, acrobatics, live video, filmed sequences and animation, the show takes spectators on a fantastic voyage through the history of cinema and its genres, taking them into the heart of the movie-making process. From illustration to animation, black and white to colour, silent films to talkies, fixed shots to swooping camera movements, spectators witness the poetic construction/deconstruction of this art as an object and as a way of transcending reality.

If you have only had the chance to see Cirque's touring shows, you have seen some amazing stuff crammed into a small location.  But if you have not seen one of their residence shows, you are missing out.  Imagine their creativity only being limited by a what a theater can handle and take that up to 11.  Then you have something spectacular.  Take for instance my favorite residence show Ka` which is at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  This is as close to watching an action/sci-fi movie take place right in front of you and then you have this show.

From the scenes to the amazing score in Ka`, this has me excited to see what will be taking place at the Kodak Theater in 2011 in IRIS.

Take the jump to Cirque du Soleil's web site for more information on Iris and be sure to sign up for the Cirque Club to get alerted when tickets go on sale.  (Yes, it's free.)  Now go and pick out something nice because you and me are going to a 2011.

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