Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Halloween Horror Nights-Red Carpet

Correspondent: Lola Boutée
Camera: Robert Reeves

On Friday, September 25th Universal Studios Hollywood opened Halloween Horror Nights for the 2010 season.  Universal kicked off the festivities by hosting the 2010 Eyegore Awards with the Red Carpet arrival of this year's award recipients.

Now before you get all crazy on us, yes, there was an "E" accidentally left off of True Blood. We apologize for the technical problem and assure you that it was not done by a Twi-tard looking to seek revenge on true vampires.

This was just the beginning kiddies, stay tuned for more POPped coverage of Halloween Horror Nights.

For tickets to HHN, please visit the official site at

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  1. Sorry. Thought that's how the show title was spelled. My bad.

  2. Ooh, I was thinking of the short-lived "Tru Calling" with Eliza Dushku. Different show.

  3. Did Feldman host the awards as Zombie Michael Jackson...'cause he's dead, you know.

    Awesome coverage, guys; sorry I couldn't be there.