Friday, August 27, 2010

What The App?!?: Netflix on the iPhone/iPod Touch

Today the Netflix app for the iPhone/iPod Touch has become available.  As soon as I got the word I quickly jumped into the App Store and downloaded it.  The first thing you should know is that the app is free, but you do need a Netflix subscription to use it.  It did take a few times for it to sign in to my account.  This could have been one of several reasons, slow connection, high traffic, or a glitch.  I tried logging in and out a few times to see what the response was it timed out several times.

Once logged in a screen with movies that have not been completely finished comes up.  This is an awesome feature because it allows you to jump from one location to another without missing anything.  Granted the same thing does happen right now when you move from one source to another, but like most guys, I like having a lot of sources.  Another great feature is that when you stop playing a movie on it and jump back on it does ask you right away if you want to resume what you were watching or browse.  Thanks Netflix, I'll browse for now.  One complaint on my end is that when you are browsing, the scroll can lag quite a bit.  Sure, in the grand spectrum of things it's not a big deal for the screen to lag a quarter of a second.  But by now we know that it is possible to have an interface with no lag.

On to the playback.  It is as good as your wi-fi connection will allow it to be.  I have been hearing complaints that on the iPad the movies drop quite a bit.  I have tried a few different movies and television shows and so far have not had that experience.  Both the picture and sound quality were a lot better than I expected.  It was great on everything I tried out.

For what it's worth, and it's free, I say get the app if you haven't already.  For a great way to watch movies on a portable device without buying or renting from the iTunes store, you can't go wrong with this app.  You'll thank us later, or curse us for introducing you to a new distraction.  (You're welcome by the way.)

Take the jump to the Apple App Store to download our pick for this latest installment of What The App?!? -  the Netflix App.

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Jungle Jesse

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  1. Thanks Jungle Jesse! I am downloading this as I type!