Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tweet House: Comic-Con Edition

On the first day of Comic-Con we had many people scouring the convention to gather clues and items to win tickets to the Tweet House.  And why would people be going crazy to try and win tickets to this event?  Well that's because it was on an aircraft carrier (USS Midway) in San Diego Harbor.  Not only that but several celebrities were to be in attendance, including the man himself William Shatner.

Upon arriving we were quickly ushered up to the flight deck because Shatner was to be arriving soon by helicopter.

During all of this I look over my shoulder and see that The Hoff has arrived and is enjoying himself.  So we turn our attention to him to ask some questions.  After being interviewed by other members of the media
I jumped in to ask him about his upcoming Comedy Central Celebrity Roast.  You'll hear his answer on the POPcast later this week.

From here we made our way to the hangar to cover the red carpet celebrity arrivals.  Being so early (in celebrity time) the entrances were staggered quite a bit.  That's not to say the POP Patrol wasn't having a good time.  We got to know the other photographers and find out that our contest winner and date were very much enjoying themselves.  I believe, "Greatest night of my life," were said a few times.  And it was a great night.  Much of this was due to a great set being performed on the flight deck by DJ Mike Relm.

There were more shenanigans had on the red carpet and throughout the party as well which was capped off with a great fireworks show in the harbor. 


On night two of Comic-Con the place to be was the Tweet House.  Not only was this a great time, but the idea of the night is to bring people together to discuss the power of social media.  With William Shatner launcing this evening, it showed how we are all playing a part.  Everybody was here not only to discuss it, but celebrate it.  I cannot reccommend attending a Tweet House.  Yes, you can attend.  Tickets for the Tweet House can be purchased on their site.  Next on their calendar is the Toronto Film Festival, CES in Las Vegas, Sundance and SXSW.  Take the jump over to their site for more information.

What say you?  Did you attend the Tweet House, do you plan on attending one?  Let us know.

POPped on the flight deck
Jungle Jesse


  1. I loved it. The Parnassus group and friends has been doing a great job since their first conference in September 2009. One of the few conferences and/or parties where connecting is not an after thought.

  2. Shatner's not hip to the techno jargon but he's savvy with the statistics, which is all about the dinero. To me, Hollywood is an alien planet, which I may get to visit someday. Probably in another lifetime. Chris Busch

  3. The Tweet House was fantastic and we can't say enough good things about the evening and the Parnassus group. Our coverage barely touches all that was happening that evening. We can't wait to go again.