Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebration V - Day Two

So, our footage of the Dancing Stormtrooper is getting some notice.  And so is he.  Apparently, Hawk (his handle in the 501st) danced again at another event and plans to dance again on Sunday.  I encouraged this.  We first saw him in the Chapin Theatre, so that's a good place to look for him if you're so inclined.

Day Two was a little busier and certainly more crowded.  There were plenty of Slave Leias around and lots of Obi-Wans (me being one of them. Uh, Obi-Wans not Leias).  Here I am helping to park a Tie Fighter.

Just put that anywhere

Lots of kids dressed up as well.  I saw a very short Chewbacca, 

a tiny jedi, 

and the best baby stroller ever.  

That's Zoe.  Apparently she really enjoys her ride.

I met Zoe and her parents in the R2 Builders room.  I'm a little jealous because I had the same idea.  I just lacked time and skill.

There were also lots and lots of Twileks.  

These are the (most often) female characters with the head tails (leku) and various skin tones.  The most famous being Oola (from Jabba's palace) who gets eaten by the Rancor and Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight) who buys it at the hands of some clone troopers.  Surprisingly, enough survived to attend this photo shoot.  

Hard keeping your nose from getting shiny?  Try keeping your belly from smudging.

I peeked in on the droid race held this afternoon.  Not sure who won, but I think R2 had a significant lead over R2 with R2 bringing up the rear.  Oh, and I think R5 had a bad motivator.

The big event today was the Robot Chicken Empire panel.  Hosted by Jay Laga'aia (aka Capt. Typho.  Love this guy),

it featured Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root and Joey Fatone.  Yep, the guy from N'Sync (or that's what they tell me).  After some nice messages from Irwin Kerschner (director of Empire), Lawrence Kasdan (Empire writer) and John Williams (music dude), they previewed the next Robot Chicken Star Wars parody.  Robot Chicken: Star Wars III is scheduled to be released in December 2010.  The crowd was treated to some cool clips from the upcoming special – most of which were still in storyboard phase (they claim they just started shooting Monday).  

The boys answered questions from the audience and Jay the host.  Did you know the title Robot Chicken comes from a Chinese dish at a restaurant they frequented?  And it was the last of about 70 titles they pitched to Cartoon Network.  Seth demonstrated his nerd voice.  Joey sang.  When called on by a 501st member, Seth and Matt were able to produce their challenge coins (um, not sure) from their pockets.  And did I mention they were all wearing Yoda-ear hats?

Lots in store for tomorrow, especially the Last Tour to Endor event.  This is the official decommissioning ceremony for the Star Tours ride at Disney.  The ride will then be shut down to update it.  The party will consist of music, dancing, and special Star Wars fireworks.  I will try to live-Tweet during the event to give you all a sense of what's happening.  If any of our listeners are there, I will most likely be dressed as Obi-Wan again, with the cutest little Princess Leia (or just baby if she refuses to wear the wig).  Just try and find us.

- Force POPped by tiny Jedi, ReevesReel -


  1. OMG... I want that stroller! And I don't even have kids!

  2. Neat, huh? I'm going to try and buy it from her father when she gets too old for it.