Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebration V - Day One

You may have been to Disney World.  You may have been to Universal Studios.  You may have even gone to the International House of Pancakes.  But you've never seen anything in Florida quite like this.  You may have seen it in LA or Indianapolis, but not here.

This is Celebration V, the fifth Star Wars convention celebrating all that is one with the Force.  Started in 1999 to commemorate the release of Star Wars: Episode I, the Celebrations continued by coinciding with the release of Episodes II and III, as well as the 30th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope.  This year it is in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.  Man, I feel old.

Previous celebrations have been held in not so large venues, but the convention center in Orlando seems to be more than big enough to accomadate all of the geekdom.  Just look at what the Belgians brought.

Those are not Belgian action figures and the model is not closer to the camera. That tie interceptor is about 20 or 30 feet tall.  They also brought a Millenium Falcon set, a snowspeeder, an Endor bunker with speeder bike, and various moisture vaporators (which aren't working, it's still humid here).  All of these, full scale.  There's also a slightly smaller AT-AT that you may have seen in my Tweet.
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We attended only a few events today as I spent most of my time shopping.  I will be wearing a swell Obi-Wan belt that I picked up from our friends at Light Speed Imports (formerly Corellian Imports) which I will show in a later blog entry.  The Costume Contest hosted by Jay Laga'aia was a surprisingly good time.  Jay was a great host and the costumes were extraordinary.  But the "intermission" while the judges made their decision turned out to be quite the party.  Check out some of the singing and dancing.

Our other big event was the Fan Movie Awards.  We had been chosen as a finalist for our movie Empire Trade – a parody of the E-Trade baby commercials and The Empire Strikes Back.  This stars my daughter, Emily, in her movie debut.

We did not win this year, but some fine films did.  I recommend Best Animation winner, The Solo Adventures done by The Dave School and The George Lucas Selects winner, The Unconscious Sith.

Next up, we'll check out the Hoth Ice Bar, the R2 Builders room, and some amazing Lego creations.  There's also some talk of LucasFilm's Bonnie Burton marrying a droid.

    "You'll Need a Tray" - Eddie Izzard  
(Warning: Some Strong Language)

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