Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebration V - Day III

Okay, for those of you following this, let me apologize.  It is currently 3:00 in the morning here and we're exhausted from the Last Tour to Endor shindig.  I will recount the events of today and whatever we see of tomorrow, later.

Long story short:

George Lucas and John Stewart with some surprise guests.

Slave Leia photo shoot.

Some wacky stormtrooper helmets.

Girl wearing an X-wing.

Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom.

Last Tour to Endor.  (and I do mean the LAST ride.)

I got pictures.  I got video.  I got sore feet.  Stay tuned for details.  Tomorrow.  Monday at the latest.  Check my tweets.  @reevesreel.  There's stuff there, too.

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-ReevesReel: Too Pooped to POP –

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