Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebration V - Day III – Part Two

Now where was I?  After the George Lucas Interview I hightailed it over to the Exhibit Hall for an event I hoped my Media pass would let me get anywhere near.  The Slave Leia Group Photo!


For those of you that don't know (and really, I feel sorry for you), Slave Leia is the costume based on the one worn by Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi after Leia gets captured by Jabba the Hutt.

The group photo is always a big crowd pleaser at Comic Con in San Diego.  At Celebration IV in LA, the space in front of the Gentle Giant Jabba the Hutt statue was very tight.  So, only those lucky few could get anywhere near it.  Each year I hope I can get close enough to participate in the picture taking.  This is the best I could do after stumbling into the shoot at Comic Con in 2007.      


I did a little better this year.  I headed over at what I thought would be plenty of time, to get a spot and maybe flash my Media badge.  As with everything else here, you have to line up early to get a good view.  At 30 minutes before their scheduled shoot time, people (let's be honest – mostly guys) were already crowding around.  I'm thinking, how high can I lift my camera?  Regardless, I simply walked up, moved forward and found myself right up front.  Actually, behind this guy:

So, I sat down.  Which turned out to be a good idea.  Here's what I saw.

There were many beautiful women in attendance.  The costumes ranged from the Rubies/store-bought version to hand-crafted, screen-accurate ensembles.  Even little girls got into the spirit.

In this photo: Elizabeth Herrara
In this photo: Michelle Smith
                                                                            In this photo: Sandy Bergeron

And even though they were all good-looking females, I must admit I had my favorite.  Partly because she was sitting/lying right in front of me, mostly because she was gorgeous, but also because she was one of the few to make eye contact.

I also thought I may have seen her before.  So, after a little (very distracting) research I found out who she is.  Her name is Adrianne Curry.  She just happens to be the wife of Christopher Knight.  Who?  Does this help?


Oh, that Peter Brady.  She also was the first America's Next Top Model.  She is a huge gaming and sci-fi geek, dressing up in outfits ranging from Slave Leia to Leelo from The Fifth Element.  And . . . here are some more pictures of her.

I know you can't see her face, but I liked the pose.

This photo shoot was organized by the website Leia's Metal Bikini, an excellent source for anyone wanting to brave wearing this most daring costume.  Look for them again at Dragon Con in Atlanta and next year's Comic Con in San Diego.

If there's anyone out there from Leia's Metal Bikini or who was in this shoot that would like copies of these pictures, just contact me here.  The same goes for Adrianne Curry, though I suspect she already has plenty of pictures.

Next time: the largest private party held during a Star Wars convention.

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Photos: ReevesReel/POParitaville


In this post it is mentioned that Adrianne Curry is married to Christopher Knight.  She has come forward this past week to say that they are splitting up.  While normally we stay away from tabloid type of news, this post is still one of our top viewed (I wonder why), so I thought we should update the information.  

We wish the both of them nothing but the best.

Jungle Jesse
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