Thursday, July 22, 2010


Photos: Jeff H./POParitaville

JeffroGee here.

The throng in San Diego were handed a true treat at today’s San Diego Comic-Con as Hall H unveiled over eight minutes of footage from the highly anticipated release of TRON LEGACY.  In attendance were stars of the film Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Olivia Wylde, Michael Sheen and the film’s headlining actor Garret Edlund who plays the son of the long missing Kevin Flynn (Bridges). 

Jeff Bridges went  on to say,”What I love about this film is that you don’t have to see the original to enjoy it.  It stands alone as it’s own film.  So new fans and old fans can appreciate what has been done here.” He went further to speak on the theme of the new film being the evils of new technology.  Alluding to how we as a society are moving incredibly fast and sometimes not stopping to think about the repurcussions of our indulgences.  He lightheartedly talked about how the great idea of bottling water has turned into part of our culture as we all walk around with bottled waters but fail to realize that the plastic has a negative impact on the environment…and then told us all to visit  Apparently the new TRON movie will delve into this mindset quite a bit.

Finally director Joe Osinski unveiled over eight minutes of footage which drove almost every member of the over 6,500 fans into a frenzy.  Footage started with our new protagonist played by Garret Edlund trapped in the newly formed Tron world as he is sent off with several convicts on the familiar Space Paranoids T shaped spaceship device where they are all labeled either defects or gamers.  Flynn is named a gamer and then suited up in a Tron suit by some hot cyber chicks. 

The rest of the footage was a mesh of action from disk fights to light bikes to explosions and slow mo shots coalescing into the reveal of a Tron light plane at the very end taking off as Daft Punk’s soundtrack wailed. 

My thoughts on the footage? Some of the most impressive visuals I have ever seen.  The crowd was able to view all of this in 3D which lent to its impact.  As a fan I cannot see anyone being disappointed with what is going on here.  Even star Bruce Boxleitner agreed stating,”I am the biggest Tron fan there is and I think all of you are going to be very happy.”

Fans were then given a surprising gift as the director of Tron Legacy (Osinski) told the crowd they would all get a chance to be part of the sound in Tron.  Sound engineers were in the audience with mics and recorded the audience as they chanted along to words like DEE REZ!  And DISK WARS!  Joe Osinski said that he needed some crowd noise and dialogue to fit into the movie and he thought this would be a great chance to get the fans involved and allow them to actually be part of the movie. 

The fans were so stoked to do this that they were totally quiet in the normally riotous Hall H to lend room tone to what could be a fun part of an action scene in Tron Legacy.

After this panel, many were heard saying their Comic-Con is complete already.  3 more days after this one and we already have a happy fanbase for Tron!


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I'm jealous you're there! Thanks for the updates for those of us who can't be.

  2. didn't you meet someone who was doing Tron graphix at Uni B&G?

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!