Tuesday, July 20, 2010

POPped Review: I Do & I Don't

First off I have to say that as an engaged person this may not have been the best movie for me to see just a little over a month until my wedding, but that's a whole other subject.  I Do & I Don't  is a comedy about what happens when an engaged couple (Bryan Callen and Alexie Gilmore) is forced to go through pre-marriage counseling with an insane couple (played by Matt Servitto and Jane Lynch).

We're introduced to Bob (Callen) as a bumbling guy who just wants to marry the fiance he loves.  Unfortunately it is very clear that Cheryl's (Gilmore) family does not want her to marry him.  From picking him apart at dinner for wanting bag pipes played at the wedding, to forcing them to go to pre-marriage counseling so that they can  have a proper Catholic wedding; the stakes are set up pretty quickly.  Since the family priest is booked solid, he has them go through counseling with a married couple.  There will have to be obstacles to over come as they get closer to their wedding day and learn how to do it together.

The movie starts off pretty slow as we establish the family dynamics, but it begins to pick up speed as Nora and Dick (Lynch and Servitto) are brought in to their lives.  This is the married couple that is to help guide and advise them about what marriage has in store.  This is done by showing their disdain for each other and proving that there are some things in life that should be kept secret.  As secrets are exposed and truths begin to come out we wonder if this counseling session is more for Dick and Nora.

Along the way we see how couples can panic before their wedding day...to the extreme.  Callen and Gilmore have a good chemistry together, unfortunately we don't get to see too much of it.  A lot of their screen time together is her reacting to him.  The time on screen together they do share is very honest.  Bryan Callen does a great job as Bob.  You really do feel sympathetic as it appears that most are against him and you hope for Bob to come out on top.  However the one person he is allowed to chew up scenes with is Jane Lynch.  Some of their scenes are the funniest of the movie and worth the watch.

It is very obvious that I Do & I Don't was made on a very modest budget.  While the camera work and staging isn't at it's highest, this is a decent attempt from new Writer/Director Steve Blair.  

I Do & I Don't is available on DVD from Group Entertainment on Amazon.com.  

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