Monday, July 12, 2010

POParitaville's Pre Comic-Con Giveaway

Who's the big winner...

I want to thank all of you entered our first pre Comic-Con giveaway this year.  We had close to 200 entries with many of you entering several times a day.  With free stuff comes great responsibility and unfortunately not everyone can win.  So we went old school and wrote all of your entries by hand and put them in a bowl (see).  After mixing them up and swishing them around I reached in and pulled out one entry.  So the winner is....

Squeats (via Twitter)

Squeats, we will DM you today so that we can get your prize to you.  We're very sorry to everyone else, but remember that this is not the end.  We will be giving things out during Comic-Con as well.  There will be random times that we will let you know the location of one of the members of the POP Patrol.  You do need to be on Twitter for this and in San Diego.  We will be using the hash #POPmeSDCC.  The first one to get there following the instructions given will win.  Not only that, but if one of us happens to see you walking around Comic-Con with "I follow @POParitaville" written somewhere on you or your outfit, *we might have something for you.  (*Not everyone doing this will get something and we can't guarantee if we give you something that it will be good.  It could just be a high five, but that's nice...right?)  We'll have more details up later this week.

Thank you again everybody.  Your response has been awesome, and we are just getting started.  For those of you that are new to our site, please enjoy yourself.  Look around, visit our advertisers (please!), kick off your shoes and come on in and enjoy the snark.  I think you'll like it here.

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