Thursday, July 29, 2010

LEAKED: Comic-Con footage of 'Thor'

I was sent a link to this yesterday and had been deciding whether or not to put it up.  We try very hard not to tick off the studios, so posting a bootleg is something we shy away from even though it can cost us visitors.  However after some investigating of this supposed "leak", all signs are now pointing to it being a studio leak.  So for those of you that were unable to be at Comic-Con, here is Thor.

Pretty sweet, huh.  Send it all your friends and bring them here asap.  If this is indeed not studio authorized I'm sure it will be pulled soon.  However, since it has been around since yesterday and it's still around today chances are good it will be up for a little while longer.

What say you?  Will you be seeing Thor next May, was this a studio leak?

POPped with a hammer
Jungle Jesse

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