Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 25th anniversary 'Back to the Future'!

25 years ago today my older brother asked me to take the bus with him to the Puente Hills Mall to see Back to the Future.  Excited to go to the movies AND that my older brother asked me to go somewhere with him I jumped at the chance.  There I sat in the dark theater and was instantly caught up in this movie.  From the opening scene with Marty being tossed across the room, to the first appearance of the DeLorean this was a movie that would always be one of my favorites.  Not only that, but the Puente Hills Mall where we were watching the movie WAS Twin Pines Mall.  As a kid this was almost as exciting as being at Courthouse Square at Universal Studios. 

Just this past week we posted a story about the BTTF movies coming to Blu-Ray, and there's a reason that it was worth posting the information.  This movie is still great!  Sure, some of the effects may be dated, but watching this movie today is just as fun.  We're with Marty and Doc on this journey every step of the way.  Just like other favorite movies I could go on and on to talk about it's influences on popular culture (resurgence of the DeLorean, sequels, a theme park ride) but I won't.  Today I just want to thank Speilberg, Zemeckis and Gale for giving us a great movie.

What say you?

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