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For those of us that know and love the Showtime series Dexter, you know there is a feeling of dread and suspense that surrounds the incredibly well written/acted series.  The intense Season Four not only featured amazing conflict between Dexter (Michael C Hall) and the merciless Trinity killer (John Lithgow), but also a chilling season finale which rid the show of Dexter’s loving wife Rita (Juli Benz) in a twist ending that shocked viewers.

Buttons and fake tattoos depicting a blood slash to the cheek were handed out as promotional tools.  Not only that, this year’s Comic-Con lanyard is laced with the Showtime/Dexter logo in a true push to bring viewers onboard. 

The fan base proved strong as the popular Ballroom 20 filled to capacity.  Outside, KROQ morning show host Ralph Garman who would act as this panel’s host smoked a cigarette and talked shop with fans. 


The Dexter lovers were excited as rumblings began to spill of what the next season of the dark show would have to offer.  Speculation in regard to Dexter’s lost love Rita’s future and whether his offspring would carry the same desire to kill funneled through the room.

Finally, Ralph Garman took the stage and introduced the panel featuring producers Manny Coto, John Goldwyn, and cast members Michael C Hall (Dexter), James Remar (Harry Morgan) and Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan) who plays Dexter's dedicated sister on the series but is in a relationship with Hall off set.

A clip was shown with footage from the new season that delved into Dexter’s many future conflicts including Rita’s children shoveling blame for the loss of their mother.  A Dexter game was unveiled, plus another webisode depicting our lovable vigilante’s struggle with “the code”. 

Cast members then discussed the future of the series.

The panel was asked what they think about the parallel Dexter shares with Batman in that his parental death spawned his journey and code/morals dictate his vigilante lifestyle.
Hall relaxed and stated that the scene in Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne confronts the batcave and allows the bats to surround him despite his fear of the creature have certainly inspired his take on the character. 

The crowd cheered at this which inspired Hall to celebrate with a fist pump as if he had knocked a home run by using that story successfully with the Comic-Con crowd.
Cast member James Remar then joked that he is the “Alfred” of the show.

The truly beautiful in person Jennifer Carpenter responded that her character of Debra Morgan has a hard time seeing that Dexter is a serial killer because she, “…is a cop that bleeds blue and cannot see him that way…yet.”

Hall went on to say his favorite part of the series has been working with Lithgow and that it is easier to tap into the serial killer character than you would think adding,”It is relaxing to do a killing scene.” 
The producers responded that they feel lucky to have the chance to further explore the character going in year 5 and we can expect great new actors like Peter Weller, Johnny Lee Miller, and Julia Stiles as new additions to the Dexter universe.

Hall said he researched many FBI profiles of serial killers to prepare the role and found none like Dexter because of his definitive code.  The panel was strict in saying that actress Juli Benz may be around for small parts in Season 5 but her character is truly dead and will not return as a helpful part of Dexter’s consciousness as Harry does.

The entire cast said that they work fifteen hour days and much of the time it feels like they are doing it just for themselves but then they come to Comic-Con and see the fans uniting and it feels amazing.

A question from the audience delved into Hall’s successful battle with cancer which led to an ovation which made Carpenter and Hall teary eyed as the claps went on for a good two minutes.  Carpenter seemed to embrace this moment as they shared a glance.

Dexter is a show that has a dedicated fan base and anyone who has watched knows the conflict and nature of the show has been altered by the game changing end to last season.  We are headed towards a very new Dexter in season 5.  Hall went on to comment that,”It may be time for to embrace my family and get rid of the dark passenger.”  But that Dexter, ”Does not want to change, he just wants to adapt.” 

We can certainly look forward to another kick ass season especially with the great casting that has been announced!  A great panel with a great cast! 

As the crowd filed out, all were given buttons with Dexter on the front containing the phrase,”SPLAT!”  And like always, the dark comedy screams aloud…but I have a feeling this new season will be centering on a lot of dark…and less on the comedy. 

JeffroGee out.

Photo: Jeff H./POParitaville

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