Monday, July 19, 2010

Comic-Con podcast and POParitaville giveaway information

Photo: The Dollface Dames
Alright gang, our pre Comic-Con POPcast is posted for your ears to enjoy on the way to San Diego.  You can stream it after the jump or download from iTunes.  In this episode we chat with L.A. burlesque troop The Dollface Dames, wonder what prompted Twilight to stay away from Comic-Con, give you highlights of the some panels we're looking forward to.  Not to mention, we go in to some details about how you can win tickets to the Tweethouse (see our earlier post).

Take the jump to also get some more details on how to win prizes from us at Comic-Con.

To win any prizes from us at Comic-Con you need to be following us on Twitter.  On the morning of Day 1 (Thursday) we'll be tweeting out clues for the Tweethouse tickets scavenger hunt.  You will have around 30 - 40 minutes in between clues/tasks.  There will be six (6) of them.  After ample time is given on the last item, we'll be sending out a Twitpic of our location and the first one to get there with the most items wins the pair of tickets to the Tweethouse. 

We will also be giving away other prizes throughout Comic-Con.  As Rabbi Marauder put it in the podcast, "Some of it is great, some...not so great."  But it's all about having some fun and you never know what the prize will be..other than the tickets that is.  Also, we'll be keeping an eye out for our fans throughout the week.  Write "I follow @POParitaville" somewhere on you (shirt, backpack, cleavage...whatever.  Just keep it legal.) and if a member of the POP Patrol spots it, we might have something for you.  It could be a physical prize, a Twitter shout out or a high five.  Who knows!  But play along for some fun.         

Huge thanks again to The Parnassus Group and the Tweethouse for the tickets you can win.  And don't forget to visit The Dollface Dames to see where they are performing next.

See you in San Diego!

POPped while packing
Jungle Jesse

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