Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Theme Park Update: Disney's 'World of Color'

Photo: Disney/World of Color

Today I thought we would update you with some of the big news in theme parks this week.  First up, we've had some of our readers asking about the new show opening at Disney's California Adventure, World of Color.  This is a new night time show that, from everything we've seen from previews, should be pretty great.  This will now give the park something it's been lacking for a long time, and that's a nightly show that to offer guests.  Disneyland pretty much kicks the a** of every other theme park's attempt at a great show with Fantasmic!.  (Sidenote: If you've only seen it in Orlando, you've only seen a lame version of it.)

With the new show many have wondered what the viewing areas will be like.  They have created a tiered location, and there are restaurants around the little lake there, but where can the public actually stand?  Fear not dear readers we have the answers.

First up, you can line up around the Paradise Pier locations to stand and view the show.  Just be warned, you will have to get there eeeaaaaarrrrllllly.  I say this because the rabid Disney A.P.'s (Annual Passholders) will camp out there for hours on end to get a good view and they don't care if your little Timmy and Susan can't see. Don't believe me?  Go wait for Fantasmic! this weekend at Disneyland and watch.  But don't worry, if you want to spend some $$ there are some alternatives.

Fastpass: Yes, this show will have a FastPass location.  In order to get a FP for either of the two shows you need to beat the A.P.'s in a footrace (which you wouldn't think is tough, but never get between Disney and them) to the Grizzly River Rapids FastPass distribution machines when the park opens.  That is the only place to get them daily and once they're gone, you're S.O.L. (Hint, give a sob story to one of the Cast Members working there.  Quite often they'll have a stash printed and in their pockets.  If they believe your story you just might luck out.)

Next you have the option of making food reservations with some of the food locations around the show area. Here are the official details about that for Disney:

  • “World of Color” Picnic Meals – You can also secure reserved viewing by ordering a special boxed picnic meal. Picnic meals may be ordered online – – beginning June 11 (date subject to change) or by walk-up purchase, subject to availability, at the Sonoma Terrace, Golden Vine Winery. They are not available for order via the (714) 781-DINE line.
    • Online orders may be placed up to 60 days in advance but may not be placed on the same day as redemption. The meals may be picked up at the Sonoma Terrace from 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    • Subject to availability, guests who order Picnic meals online will be assigned to the evening’s first show, and guests who make a walk-up purchase will be assigned to that evening’s second show.
    • Picnic meal options include four selections for adults: “The All American” (cold honey-stung fried chicken), “The Taste of Asia” (chilled miso-glazed salmon), “The European Antipasto” (cured meats, regional cheeses, artichoke heart, sun-dried tomato) and “The Mediterranean Vegetarian” (marinated grilled vegetables in a whole wheat wrap with roasted garlic hummus). Kids’ options for chidren ages 3-9 include “The Junior All American” (chicken), “The Lunchbox Classic” (peanut butter and jelly) and “The Little Squirt’s Box” (apple wedges, string cheese).
    • All picnic meals with “World of Color” Reserved Viewing are priced at $14.99 and must be redeemed for the designated reserved show date and time. No refunds, exchanges or other discounts.
    • Each guest entering the reserved viewing area must have reserved viewing area admission. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Guests may only enter the viewing area during designated times and no early or late admission will be allowed. Guests in large parties may not be guaranteed admission within the same reserved viewing area. Separate theme park admission is required.
  • Prix Fixe “World of Color” Dinners – Prix fixe meals with “World of Color” Preferred Reserved Viewing are available at both the newly redesigned Wine Country Trattoria and Ariel’s Grotto restaurants. Guests may order from a selection of Italian cuisine at Wine Country Trattoria ($39.99 for adults; $12.99 for children ages 3-9), or a varied menu of seafood, meat and vegetarian options at Ariel’s Grotto ($36.99 for adults; $20.99 for children ages 3-9). Both restaurants offer Preferred Reserved Viewing for “World of Color.” Reservations: (714) 781-DINE. Seatings are at specified times and space is limited. No early or late admissions. Children must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds, exchanges or other discounts. Separate theme park admission is required.

World of Color opens at Disney's California Adventure on June 11.  For more information take the jump over to the Disneyland Resort's official blog.

That's it for Disney theme park news.  Up next... The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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  1. I think this show will be visually stunning, but will lack the return demand as Fantasmic! Time will tell..Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. Happy Hour ChicaJune 2, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Already saving my 14.99, I've always said DCA has so much nighttime potential, so glad to see it come to fruition in a few weeks!! I've got my best AP shoving moves ready!

  3. RMoney - I think you're right. Fantasmic! does demand repeat viewings. But at least with World of Color it seems that they've at least avoided another Light Magic.

    HHC - I should have clarified that there is a difference between an A.P. and Annual Passholder. An Annual Passholder comes in and enjoys themselves whenever they can. An A.P. is a zealot who lives and breaths Disney and has never been able to get a job there but spend so much time there that they believe that they do actually work there and behave so.