Friday, June 25, 2010

G4TV's Kevin Pereira visits the Gulf

*Warning - Serious Issues Ahead*

We have all seen the devastation that BP has caused to the Gulf.  When we see the disaster on television sometimes it doesn't seem as real.  It's just moving pictures and we want to be entertained.  But we have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime and the feelings of being helpless start to creep in.  What can I (we) do?  What's being done?  Is it getting better?  Can I make a difference?  Is it really that bad down there?

These are all questions that G4TV's Kevin Pereira was wondering and decided that he needed to find out.  Here is his two part story.  (Please watch both of them.)

We cannot thank Kevin enough for going down there and sharing this story.  Not just for showing the devastation, but for really taking the person from BP to task.  You asked questions that many people are wondering and showed that they really do not have any answers.  There's only so many times that the abusive boyfriend can tell you how sorry they are for giving you another black eye before you finally fight back.  And I think it's to that point.  

But just as Kevin said, they really do need our help.  If we can rally together for millions of dollars in relief for a foreign country that's in peril, surely we can take care of our own as well.  Right?  Larry King tried it this past week.  (Oh, you didn't know?  Yeah most people didn't.)  So instead please do what Kevin asked.

1. Go and visit - Tourist dollars being spent in hotels, restaurants and stores can help sustain many of those being hit the hardest.  And when they make money, they spend it also.  Tourism can really help save this area.  For vacation options please take the jumps and visit: Pensacola AlabamaMississippiLouisiana

2. Keep talking about it - Like I said earlier, we have never seen this kind of man made disaster and it's going to get even scarier.  We need to keep talking about this because the moment we stop, well.... we just can't.  Pass this on to your friends, co-workers and family.  Let them see what is happening out there that they may not be seeing on their favorite 24 hour news channel.  Talking about it creates dialogue, dialogue can bring ideas, ideas can create solutions, solutions are what they need.

Thank you again to Kevin Pereira and G4TV for this story.  And thank you for reading this.  We now return you to our normal snark.  Soo.. how about those wacky celebrities, huh?

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