Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3: Day 1

Day 1 of E3 is now over and there was some great stuff to come out of it.  So let's jump right in to what were some of the biggest announcements of the day.  These are in no particular order so as always, please remember...no wagering.

XBOX 360 Kinect

We mentioned it yesterday and today Microsoft revealed a bit more today about the Kinect.  With this you can video chat with your pals, use your hands to control your XBOX Live menu (which is pretty cool), and use your XBOX avatar to compete in several games.

The Kinect needs to be connected to your XBOX 360 in order for it to work because it does not have its own processor.  Not to worry if you have a first gen 360, the Kinect is compatible with all versions.  The one thing that Microsoft did not announce was a price.  The rumor has been around $150, but I think that if they are going after the hardcore gamer and the casual it needs to be within $100.  The potential is there for a lot more from this but I think that it is a game changer.


This is a huge, and smart, get for Microsoft.  With your XBOX LIVE Gold Membership you can stream sporting events while getting live stats and trivia, and even pick which team your rooting for.  I'm looking forward to using this next season when the Lakers are defending their title. (Yeah, I said it.)

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Much like KOTOR, you will be able to decide which side you will follow.  While they did not display any game playing today, they did premiere a new trailer and we will have some game play for you tomorrow.  But here is the new trailer for The Old Republic:

The New XBOX 360

While many thought that Microsoft would announce some sort of 360 slim today, nobody expected them to say that it was shipping to stores this week.  And keeping it at the same price of $299, they mean business.  The new model has a 250 gig hard drive, built in Wi-Fi and is supposed to run quieter.  And it does look pretty slick and shiny.

Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood

Coming off the heels of a great sequel, Ubisoft is bringing what looks to be another great installment.  This time the game will also have multiplayer capability so you can form your own brotherhood.

 Michael Jackson Video Game

This was what Ubisoft used to close with (which was a good idea after what can only be described as lame laser tag).  This currently untitled game is a dancing game that will be available for all motion control systems, but I think will be best suited for the Kinect after seeing their other dancing game.  It is expected to be available this holiday season.

So those are just some of the big announcements today from E3.  We will update you tomorrow with the days news, and we'll be live streaming all press conferences once again.

What say you?  Was there anything else you were excited to hear about today?  Did something not live up to the hype?  Let us know what you think.

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