Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DreamWorks Animation to Bring Trolls Out of Hiding

(PRNewsFoto/DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.)

Yes kids, another toy is being brought to the big screen. Word has come out that those scary looking Troll dolls will be animated by DreamWorks Animation. ( I guess this is the new high quality material Disney is trickling down to them since the buy out.) However I don't think there are going to be too many protests and screaming matches about how this movie does not live up to expectations and ruins peoples memories. They sure seem excited about this:

"We are thrilled at the great creative possibilities we have in bringing the Trolls to family audiences around the world across a number of channels, including on the big screen," DreamWorks Animation Head of Development Alex Schwartz said. "We look forward to working alongside Dam Things to build on the mythology of the Good Luck Trolls while delivering the sense of adventure, heart and comedy that DreamWorks Animation is known for."

Should someone remind DreamWorks that this is about the troll dolls? If they are going to be as accurate as possible they'll need to have a scene where the trolls get stabbed by pencils, because that's kind of all they did. Or there could be a scene where they are standing on tables at a BINGO game. There's your movie.

For more information about this (and I don't know why you would need it) take the jump to the official press release.

DreamWorks Animation to Bring Trolls Out of Hiding

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