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POPped Review: Sex and the City 2?

“I never heard of The Red Shoes. I never saw The Red Shoes. I don’t give a (bleep) about The Red Shoes.”  When Val said this line in A Chorus Line, she was referring to a movie that made millions of little girls want to be ballerinas.  When I reference it, I’m talking about Sex and the City
Ok. Yes, I’ve heard about Sex and the City.  And in the 6 seasons it aired on HBO and however long it’s been running in syndicate, I think I’ve seen about 2 episodes of the show.  I do own the first movie, but it was a gift from a co-worker who moonlighted at a Blockbuster video, when those were still around.  Out of sheer boredom one day, I watched the first movie.  It was… nice.  But this is not a review about the first film, nor is it about the show.  This is about Sex and the City 2 – the long-awaited (for some) sequel. 

*Spoiler Alert*
The first film left us with the fairytale ending: Carrie got Big. Charlotte had Baby Rose. Miranda and Steve worked it out.  And Samantha was back in New York living her opulent life.  So where could we go from there? And that’s where we pick up the story… Carrie - after finishing her latest tome, meets up with the girls at Bergdorf Goodman’s through a lengthy, yet hilarious introduction of each of them.  As funny as it was, I just kept thinking Is this necessary?  This is a sequel to a movie that started as a TV show.  These characters have been established.  Their task, to find a wedding gift.  Now we never got to have the whole big to-do with Carrie and Big in the first film, if you remember. So it’s only fitting that we get to see it now, granted it is a huge gay affair.  Believe me this is one scene you’ll love.  The whole elaborate set-up is really just to get to the heart of the plot regarding marriage and how a couple makes it work.  But before you know it, you’ve been sitting for an hour and the girls are still in New York.  If you’re going to make all the marketing shots of these women sashaying across the dessert in designer every-stuff, well GET TO IT! 
Let’s talk about the girls for a moment, shall we?  With Carrie, we actually get to see her struggle with trying to figure out the whole marriage thing.  Miranda, we finally get to see what she’s like when she isn’t lawyering it up 24/7.  Charlotte, oh Charlotte… the one who has it all together.  The perfect life.  The perfect marriage.  The not-so-perfect children.  Charlotte’s veneer finally starts to crack a bit – and it’s not because some outrageous bad thing is happening to her like during the first film’s trip to Mexico.  For me, Charlotte finally became a real person.  That was refreshing.  And then we get to Samantha… The one person in the four I actually can’t stand.  Now, now I know some of you who know me may think my brain has scrambled a bit.  Me, not liking a strong-filled, sure-of-herself woman but hear me out.  Samantha is now in her 50’s, which she reminds us of throughout the movie.  But it’s time she stops pretending like she’s still in her 30’s.  From the clothes to her caviler attitude not only towards sex, but respecting the culture of a foreign land, and her crude vulgarity during times that it really isn’t needed; everything screamed rebellious teen frankly.  And to be honest, Samantha really ruined this film for me.  The more I thought about it, I realized she was truly one of the reasons I never watched the show in the first place.
And then there’s the fact that this movie ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  Way too long for my taste.  After awhile, I couldn’t remember what happened in the beginning.  It really felt like two movies that were smooshed together.  And the longer it ran, the more I started to nitpick.  I mean really, who would put on something from Dior’s spring line to drape across her man on the couch to watch an old black and white film?  I guess that’s kind of the vicarious thing the filmmaker wants women to get sucked into.  The majority of the women who love this show are never going to go to Fashion Week in New York.  They’re never going to have one, let alone 2 apartments in Manhattan.  And I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time laying $100 down on a pair of shoes, let alone $525.  I’m sorry Manolo Balanik – your shoes are beautiful, but not in my budget. So, from that angle, I get it.
There are some really funny moments in this film.  I’m not gonna tell you about them because I want you to enjoy them.  So Ladies - grab your girls, have a few drinks (flirt with the waiter/bartender,) head down to the Cineplex, and just have some fun.  Just remember, the only Oscar coming to knock on these ladies’ doors will be Oscar de la Renta. And he wants his collection back!

POPped in the City by SkipTink

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