Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.16

*Spoiler Alerts*

LOST: 6.16

Jack wakes up in his bed in sideways land and is all, whoa, what happened?  I've got blood on my neck.  But luckily his kid made cereal for him.  The kid is upset because his mom is coming to a concert and thinks dad is gonna be all Jack and stuff.  Then he's surprised to see his dad's half sister there.  Jack gets a call from Desmond pretending to be Oceanic Airlines saying that they found his "cargo" and it will be in L.A. by that evening.

Back on the beach Jack is taking care of Kate (and the crying countdown starts)...

And there she goes.  But she's very upset that Locke killed Jin and Sun (but doesn't care that he's killed a lot of other people too).  So she has to kill him and Jack is okay with that.

Sawyer is staring out at the ocean and now Kate is crying again.  It's the last of the survivors gathering on the beach one last time together before heading out to get Desmond.

Back in sideways land, Desmond is after Locke again.  But Ben tries to stop him.  Not a good idea though.  Desmond starts beating him up when Ben's mind flashes to memories of Desmond doing that on the Island.  Speaking of....

Ben, Miles and Richard are back in at the Dharma camp.  Miles gets the vibe from Ben's "daughter" and Richard lets him know that he buried her when Ben left.  But I don't think that's what Miles was about to say. Richard interrupted him.  Locke takes them into his old room and they pull out some hidden explosives.  But they hear a sound from the kitchen and it's Whidmore and Zoey (Velma)  It's a reunion...sort of.  When they were removing the explosives Ben said something interesting.  He said that this room was where he used to summon the smoke monster, but he now realizes that it was summoning him the whole time.  So with the knowledge of the Island that Ben has (that we still don't really know) he could be one of the biggest enemies against Locke Monster.

(Sidenote: Ooohh... a shooting takes place in the hospital on Grey's Anatomy.  That is incredibly origina..... oh wait, no it's not.  Jerks.)

Luckily Whidmore knows that the tap water is safe there and has a drink.  He sends Velma to take some equipment off their outrigger and to sink it.  Whidmore tells Ben that he got back because Jacob invited him and told him everything that he needed to know for this moment.  But Locke gets back to the Island before they can sink the ship.

In sideways land, Ben is getting fixed up in the hospital when Locke sees him.  Ben tells him what happened and what he saw.  At the same time Desmond turns himself in to the police and they put him in a holding cell right next to Kate.  Hmmm...what a coincidence.

On the Island Sawyer is upset because he feels that he killed everyone on the sub.  Hurley sees young, albino Jacob.  He takes the ashes from Hurley and runs.  Jacob tells Hurley that his ashes are in the little camp fire he's burning and that once it burns out, Jacob will be gone.  They are near the end according to him.

Locke Monster is on the dock of the Island now.  Whidmore and the gang are about to try running but Ben wants to face him now and get it over with.  Richard believes that if he can get Locke to believe he's joining him that he might leave them alone.  But he Smokey grabs Richard and hurls him into the jungle.  So Ben sits on the porch and waits for him.  So Locke Monster has a seat next to him with his knife in his hand.  So he tempts Ben by telling him that if he kills some people for him, he'll have the Island all to himself when he leaves.  So Ben lets him know that Whidmore is hiding in his closet.

In sideways land Alex wants to help Ben, so she and her mom (Danielle..duh) invite him over to dinner.  After dinner Danielle lets him know that Alex's dad is dead and that is why she is so attached to Ben.  He's been so nice to her that she's grown attached.

Ben brings Locke into his house to the closet.  There Whidmore and Locke Monster meet face to face.  And Velma is killed pretty quickly by Locke Monster.  (Jeekies!)  He wants something from Whidmore or he will kill his daughter when he leaves the Island.  So Whidmore very quickly tries to give up the information but Ben kills Whidmore because he doesn't think that his daughter should get to live.  But he gave the information already so it doesn't matter, and now Ben wants to kill more people.  Whidmore was telling him exactly why he brought Desmond to the Island and why it's dangerous to Locke Monster, but we have no idea what it was because he was whispering.  Jerks!

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley come to Jacob's camp fire and they can see him.  Kate is all upset still and crying so she wants to know why the rest of their group had to die.  So Jacob is ready to tell them what they died for and why everything has happened.  He lets them know that once the fire burns out, one of them will be the new protector of the Island.

Back in sideways land, Locke visits Jack in his hospital office.  Locke is now seeing the parallels with the flight and everything that is happening.  The man of faith that Locke used to be is now coming to light again.  He wants Jack to try and fix him.

On the Island, Jacob tells them that he brought them all there because he made a mistake a long time ago.  He created Smokey and now he's trying to find a way to stop him.  Sawyer feels that he was doing fine, but Jacob lets them know that he chose them all because they were all flawed.  They were like Jacob.  They were lonely and needed the Island as much as the Island needed them.  They need to protect the light by killing Jacob.  But Jacob is not going to choose one of them, he wants them to choose.  He wants them to have the choice that he never did.  So Jack stands up and says that he he will do it.  He will be the new protector.

So Jacob takes them to the light, in sort of a baptism.  He lets him know that the bamboo field where he woke up after the crash, is near where he needs to go.  That's where the light is.  So Jacob blesses some river water, because that's where the camera's still are, and Jack drinks it.  Jacob lets him know that he is now just like him.

At the police station Sayid, Kate and Desmond are being transported together.  Weird, huh.  He lets them know that he is helping them escape.  He tells them that if he helps them escape they each have to promise to do something.  Well, luckily Michelle Rodriguez is their driver and he bribed her.  Hurley shows up with the money and takes Sayid with him, and Kate goes with Desmond.  Desmond gives her a dress and tells her that they're going to a concert.  Which means that they are headed to the party at the Whidmore's.

On the Island, Locke Monster and Ben arrive at the well and find Desmond gone.  But LM says that this actually helps him.  Whidmore told him that Desmond was his fail safe should LM kill everyone.  So LM is planning on using Desmond to destroy the Island.

Whhooooosh.... LOST!

Okay..this was a good build up episode.  It was nice seeing everyone starting to get back to who they were in the original episodes...sort of.  Mostly Locke and Ben.  But here are the couple of things that I picked up on in this episode: the first that almost everything that Ben has done since things have started to fall apart is for revenge.  Revenge for his dad not being good to him, revenge for not having a mom, and revenge for the murder of Alex.  But most of all, revenge for not being chosen by Jacob.  The other came from the fan trailer that was show.  It was Jack's line from the first episode.  "If we can't learn to live together, we're going to die alone."  That is what the whole show comes down to.  But to give us one more, "WTF," moment they had some weird English lady voice over to promote the finale.  What the hell was this supposed to do for it?  You're killing me Small's!

What say you?  What are your thoughts as we head into the final episode?  Don't forget to join us for the live podcast right after the finale ends on the West Coast.

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  1. Is Kate going to the Widmore concert??? Or to the concert where Jack's son will be playing? Where Miles will be?

  2. Because I don't think that Jack and Kate have met yet in sideways land.

  3. Oooh.. good question. Jack's kid is so easily forgetable that I forgot he had a concert. Hmmm... I would think that Desmond will try to be at Whidmore's because that's where Penny will be.

    I believe you are correct with them not meeting yet. I'm sure she'll cry when they do.

  4. Here's my BIG question. How in the name of JJ Abrams will they answer ALL the unanswered questions in a measly 2 hour season finale. One that, let's face it, with commercials only ends up being about an hour long anyway.

  5. Well, you can guarantee that there is no way that they will be answering everything in the finale. They already said that this is the case. The show will end with more questions than answers. Just be sure to join us on Skype after it airs to discuss the finale.

  6. I suspect that the concert Jack's kid is playing IS the Widmore concert. We assume it's at his school because we've seen that before, but they've never said that is the concert location.

    And they won't answer everything on Sunday. They'll try to, and fall short (very, very short), and cop-out (like Whidmore whispering to LM; we didn't get to hear that because the writers/producers have no idea what Whidmore was saying, but had to give us something.).

    I have very little expectations for the finale; at this point, I'm just going to compare it to some of the plot leaks that have surfaced to see if they're accurate.