Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.15

*Spoiler Alert*

LOST: 6.15 

We open this week with Snookie (because of the poofy hair) coming out of the water in the midst of a ship wreckage.  She's pregnant, or her intestines are falling out of her dress.  As she tries to drink from the same river that we've seen over and over a lady approaches her speaking Latin (?).  Luckily after we hear the chime from the score they suddenly speak English.  But I like that she says that every question she answers will lead to another question.  So instead of going to find the other people that were on her wreck she goes into labor.  Here we learn that Jacob and MIB are twins.  But the crazy old lady kills off Snookie to have the babies for herself.  Duh.

Well the boys are getting older and we can see them already being divided by color.  MIB finds a game on the beach and doesn't want mom to find out because she'll take it away.  You know, for a woman who killed to have them she doesn't like fun. all of this because he had mom issues?  Later the boys are chasing a wild boar, like you do, when they come across some other dudes who are very nativey.  When they tell mom about this she blind folds them and leads them into the jungle and lets them know that she's made it so they can never hurt each other.  (Explaining why MIB can not directly kill Jacob and vice versa.)

They are now at a tunnel with a golden light.  She tells them that this is the reason they are there.  To protect it.  A little bit of the light is in everyone but they always want more.  But if that light goes out here, it goes out everywhere.  Which I'm guessing means that every ship around the world will then crash because all the lighthouses will then go out.  No?  Well you tell me then.

Jacob and MIB are back playing their game, like nothing happened.  But we now see them coming up with the rules for their games when suddenly their dead mom appears.  She leads MIB to the same area where Charlie killed Ethan in season one.  She shows him the camp where the people she was traveling with are now settled.  They are the first Others.  MIB decides to leave and join them and tries to take Jacob, but Jacob gets all pouty and starts beating him up.  He tells Killer Mama that he knows the truth and she lets him know that he will never be able to leave the island.  And as I said, everything now all stems from mom issues.

On the beach she confesses to Jacob what she did and he wants to know why she loves MIB more.  Well, she loves them in different ways.  He lets her know that he'll stay with her for a while.  Hooray!

Well Jacob is now older and a total mamma's boy.  Mom is all iritable in the cave because she misses MIB.  (Side note: Anyone else recognize that as the cave from the first couple of seasons?)  Jacob visits his bro at Camp OG Others to play their game.  There is an interesting play on words that MIB throws out.  "..when you look down on us from on high.  I've lived among them for 30 years."  Anyone else see the biblical theme play out there?  Well Jacob goes whining to mom that MIB is going to leave the island and she decides to go and stop him.  He lets her know that he could never find the location of that light he saw as a kid, so he decided to try digging from above to get to it.  He shows her the wheel that he'll be attaching to it to help him get off the island once he turns it.  Then they hug it out right before she knocks him against the wall.  That girls crazy.

Killer Mama wakes Jacob up from his comfy floor and tells him its time.  She takes Jacob back to the glowing cave.  She describes it as life, death, rebirth..the source/heart of the island.  (This is where the water in the temple comes from.)  She tells Jacob to never go down there because it is worse than dying.  She then mumbles some stuff while she gives him a drink, but he doesn't wanna.  He doesn't want to protect the island for her.  Especially because he feels that she always wanted MIB to do it, not him.  Waa waa waa...sheesh.   So she tells him that she was wrong, and be believes her, so he takes the cup and drinks in their little ceremony.  (Which means they're married?)  I mean she says that, " and I are the same."  Creeepyyy.

Low and behold MIB is now outside the area he dug (the well) and it's a broken mess.  He finds that they've killed off his people and destroyed everything...except his game.  He's all pissed.  But now mama heads to home sweet cave and MIB has trashed the place leaving his game behind with only a white and dark piece.  Just then he sneaks up on her and kills her.  She thanks him for this.  Then Jacob gets there and gets all pissy so he beats him up again and then drags him to the light cave.  Jacob tosses him in it and the light is out.  This is what turns him in to Smokey.  So now because the light has gone out, and seemingly into MIB, this is why he must stay on the island.  Since he is now like this, perhaps this is why he can't leave.  He is the power of the island incarnate.  Just a thought.

Finding MIB's body by the stream, because the camera equipment was already set up there, he takes the body back to the cave and buries him there with Killer Momma.  These are the two bodies, Adam and Eve, from season one.  (A-ha!)


This was an okay episode.  While it was interesting to see how MIB became Smokey, it was dissapointing to find out that everything came from mommy issues.  I mean, really?  While everything played off well in this episode, it was still kind of "M'eh."  So, even though we've seen him turn in to Smokey and Jacob place his body in the cave, this doesn't cover everything.  We know that MIB does physically hold conversations with Jacob after this point.  So, with the tunnel also being a source of re-birth, is this why we still see young versions of them?  Will that game be available in stores?  At this point I'm just ready for the finale in a couple of weeks.

What say you?  What did you think of tonight's episode?

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Update: The first version that was posted was missing much of the end summary.  Sorry about the glitch.


  1. Did being dumped into the cave of light create Smokey or did Smokey take on the form of MIB when he got killed by the cave. Just like he took on Locke's form when his body arrived on the island. This would mean that MIB/Smokey isn't really Jake's brother. Hmmm.

    Believe it or not, I actually liked this episode. And while I've been enjoying the series, if they had started explaining stuff like this before the end of the series, it could have been even better.

  2. This is what turned him into Smokey. Remember that Killer Momma told Jacob that going in there would be worse than death. And from everything that Locke Monster has been saying about his own existence, this sounds about right.

  3. I swear, if they don't name that MIB guy, I'm going to riot. RIOT I say!

    I got the biblical theme too. Add that with the scary hair thingy on Mama, clue?

  4. Last night was just ok to me. They took the two most mysterious characters and basically did a full reveal on them which felt very unlost like. I think what could of made this episode flow a bit better would to of shown this through flashbacks of Smokey Locke as he travels across the island to find where the survivors are after the sub exploded.

    That being said, I did like the fact that the man in black was a victim pretty much the entire episode. He did stab Mommy dearest, but in his defense, she did kill his mom and their people.

    Not a horrible episode by any means, but it felt lacking and a bit lazy from the same people who brought us Desmond's Constant.

  5. They missed an opportunity; after being deposited in the cave of light, they should have waited 3 days before Smokey emerged.

    Good to see Allison Janey, though.