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The LOST Blog: LOST 6.14



This was blogged live during the broadcast

LOST: 6.14

In sideways land Locke wakes up to find Jack standing over him.  Jack lets him know that he is a candidate for a new surgery that could help him walk again.  Interesting use of "candidate."  But he don't want it.

On the Islands Jack wakes up in a canoe and he is at Hydra Island and Sayid is hanging out.  Whidmore is putting Sawyer and his group in the polar bear cages and the nerd with the gun is pretending to be tough.  When he tries to take the gun away Whidmore tells him that Sun, Jin, Hurley and he are on his list, but not Kate.  So he can kill her if he wants.  And since she's the only single leading lady left, she lives....for now.

Oooh...theme song.....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....LOST!

In sideways land, Jack finds Bernard making some dentures.  Jack is trying to find out some information about Locke because Bernard did the dental work on Locke when he was hurt.  And they go through the obligatory weird looks because they were all on the same flight.  He lets Jack know that someone else was in the accident with him and gives him the name.

Back on Hydra Locke Monster is trying to convince Jack to help him "rescue" the gang and stop Whidmore.  This will allow them to get to the plane and leave.  But Jack wants to know.  In the cages, Sawyer tells Kate that her name was crossed out.  (And the Kate crying countdown has started.)  Jin and Sun share a moment talking about their daughter, but it looks like trouble is coming.

Smokey attacks the stuntmen (I mean guards) and Jack shows up and unlocks the cage to let them out.  Then Kate gives her shocked look.  Let's take a look into her thoughts, shall we?  "Jack?  Sh**.  I mean yay, but sh**.  Sawyer's here too, what do I do?  Well if one of them dies I can just be with the other.  But what if they find out?  I'm so conflicted.  I'll probably cry soon."

Well it seems that daylight has arrived and Kate is upset because Jack won't leave the island.  Sayid shows up and lets them know that Locke is waiting.

In Sideways Land, Jack is looking to find out more information on Locke (because he's in love?) and goes to meet Locke's dad Anthony Cooper.  He is in a wheelchair and in a vegetative state.  So, did Locke cause the accident?  Does he not want to be fixed because he feels guilty?

On the Island, Locke makes it to the plane and kills a couple more stuntmen.  Once he gets in the plane he discovers something in the overhead bins.  Explosives?  The gang arrives and Locke tells them that Whidmore wants to kill them all.  So off they go to the submarine instead.  Sawyer asks Jack to help him not let Locke on the submarine.  Sawyer says to get him in the water and he'll take care of the rest.  Did he mean the sub or Locke Monster?

Luckily Claire shows up at the hospital while Jack is trying to wake up Locke, whose mumbling.  Claire shows him a box that was left to her by their dad.  They discover that they were both on the same flight, and then it's awkward again.  Jack asks her to stay at his house because they're family.

On the Island the gang is ready to storm the sub.  It's beginning to look like an episode of The A-Team.  On the sub Lepidous and Sawyer take over the sub.  When they storm the sub, Locke switches bags with Jack and puts the explosives on him.  In a shootout Kate is shot, in the shoulder.  Claire is stuck with Locke, but as I said he's trying to kill them.  Well there's 3-ish minutes on the bomb so it won't blow up for another ten minutes.  However not everyone will be killed because the season isn't over yet.  But perhaps Kate will go out with a good cry.  But I'm guessing that since Jorge Garcia has been giving all the interviews this week, (possible spoiler) that this week is his end.

On the sub they are trying to figure out how to dismantle the bomb, but Jack tells them not to.  Sayid sacrifices himself to save everyone and tells Jack that Desomond is in the well and Jack will be the one to save him.

BOOM! Arnst III.

In the sub there is chaos and people are hurt as they're trying to get out.  Sun is stuck in the sub and Jin is trying to get her free as Sawyer is knocked out.  Jin tells them to get out and he'll free Sun.  So Jack takes Sawyer across the Titanic to save him while Sun and Jin stay.  So as the sub sinks they make out, because that's what you do.

Sun and Jin are gone.

But the episode isn't over yet.  

In the hospital Locke is being released and Jin walks by him.  Jack sees him and lets him know that he saw his dad.  Locke tells him that it was a plane accident.  It was his first time flying solo and his dad was his passenger.  And they bond.  Jack tells him that he can help him and that he wishes he believed him.

On the Island Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Hurley make it to the beach.  And Kate starts crying, and so does everyone else.  But Jack and Hurley's crying is the only one believable.  They showed true pain in it.  On the dock Locke Monster tells Claire that the sub sank but not everyone is dead, so he's off to finish what he started.

Whoooosh.... LOST!

I'm glad that they finally stopped with the back and forth of is Locke Monster good or bad.  That was getting old.  It was a well put together episode and did a good job delivering the goods.  The best thing out of tonight was how great Terry O'Quinn's performance.  He truly is playing two different characters, and he's hitting each one just right.  His performance alone has lifted the final season to make it watchable.  Tonight's loss of Jin and Sun was tragic and heartbreaking, but I gotta say, I'm not going to miss Sun.  I'll just leave it at that.  But the finale is getting close and I'm very excited to see where we end up.

Speaking of the finale, word came out today that the final episode has been extended by half an hour making it end at 11:30 PM.  So there will be no local news that night.  There will be a two retrospective prior to the two and half hour final episode.  Then there is a two hour Jimmy Kimmel LOST special airing at 11:30.  It's going to be a full night of LOST.  We'll be giving some information in the coming week about how you can join us for a LOST discussion immediately after it airs on the West Coast.

What say you?

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  1. Sorry I wasn't able to join live; just watched my DVR last night. After viewing the episode, I'd like to have a word with the writers and producers.

    Join me down here, won't you? Thanks. In the words of the inimitable Jon Stewart...*ahem*...*loosens tie for dramatic effect*..."go FUCK yourselves!"