Saturday, May 22, 2010

UPDATED: Join POParitaville after LOST Finale

Well dear readers, tomorrow ends one the main reasons that has brought some of you to POParitaville.  LOST will end it's run with an all nighter.  First a retrospective and then the two and half hour final episode.  As we mentioned earlier this week, we know that the episode will have many of us still guessing and talking.  So we want you to let your voice be heard.  Join us for the first LIVE POPcast.  The POP Patrol will be on Skype once the episode has finished on the West Coast at 11:30 PM.  You can join us by calling 818-284-4774.  We will then bring you on to talk with us about what happened.  If you do not get through, just keep trying.  We will make every attempt to bring you on and make it as smooth as possible.

Recently the POP Patrol put out the latest LOST POPcast to discuss the series.  You get the POPcast for free on iTunes, or listen online.    So pass the news on to your friends and let them know that there will be an outlet other than the silence of your living room when it is all over.  We'll talk to you tomorrow.

The End is Near?

UPDATE: I received some emails from readers that are not on the West Coast asking about the podcast.  The answer is yes, you can call the number after it has aired in your time zone.  The POP Patrol will not be answering the call during this time.  You can leave a message letting us know what you thought of the finale.  The line is already open so you can begin calling at any time to let us know how you feel about LOST ending it's' run today. 

POPped in the hatch - 
Jungle Jesse

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