Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you.

Ha ha... get it?!?!  For the past several years Star Wars fans have adopted May 4th un-officially as Star Wars Day.  Yes because we can use the "4th" instead of the force.  But also because every Star Wars movie has come out in May.  And on the 21st of this month, it will be the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.  Yes, it is the 30th anniversary of the movie that many movie fans call one of the best sequels of all time.  So on this day we've asked our readers to share some of their favorite Star Wars memories.

Peter G.

I was the perfect thing when "Star Wars" opened in 1977; a 14-year-old-boy. "Star Wars" was my 8th grade graduation present. It was only playing in two theatres in L.A., The Chinese in Hollywood and The Avco in Westwood (Drive-Ins were playing it with the new innovation of your car radio being your speaker). Saw the 10:00 AM show on a Saturday at the Avco with my Mom, great 70mm print, great six track Dolby sound. The audience cheered when the rebel ship was chased by the Imperial Cruiser at the beginning, booed Darth Vader, applauded Luke's decision to follow Obi-Wan to Alderan...In short, it was the perfect way to experience it for the first time. I saw "Empire" and "Jedi" in the same theatre. And I certainly never dreamed I'd get to play Han Solo in (blatant plug) the online spoof "The Trial Of Han Solo" so many years later.

Nikole H.

May not be note worthy but I will always remember the last episode of the newest trilogy as that was the movie to put me into labor with my son.  It was the last fighting scene.  I didn't dare leave the theater.  I wasn't going to miss the ending and I waited too long to see the final chapter.  Coincidentally, I named my son, Harrison, after Mr. Ford.

Jeff H.

Well, my favorite Star Wars memory isn't really about Star Wars so much.  I used to watch the opening of every new prequel in Westwood at the massive Fox Theatre and every time my friends and I would sit back in awe of the geekdom as many true fans arrived in full on costumes.  

My good friend Drew wanted to be part of the costumed fan base but could not afford the high priced attire so he did the next best thing...he bought a Blue Mexican Wrestling face mask.
He threw it on and instantly became the feared and hated BLUE DEMON!  And as he carried two lightsabers he wandered the long line creating trouble and yelling,"BLUE DEMON!" to every challenger.  His antics eventually earned him a fight with a fully outfitted Darth Vadar who decided it was time for Blue Demon to stop his non Star Wars rants.  
Blue Demon faced off with Darth and they began to slap each other with their toy sabers... I have never laughed so hard in my life!  Especially when Blue Demon beat the shit out of Darth, who could not see too well out of his helmet and took several smacks to the dome and waist area in quick succession.
Blue Demon ran across through traffic as the long line began to cheer and jump onboard by yelling his name,"BLUE DE-MON!  BLUE DE-MON!  BLUE DE-MON!"  I laughed all the way into the theatre...and then enjoyed the mediocre Episode III.  The movie didn't thrill me... but Blue Demon certainly made the event a fun one!

Ray P.
I remember my dad taking us to see the re-release of Star Wars in the theater because he said we had not really experienced it by only seeing it on tv.  He was right.  I was already a fan from watching it on video, but seeing it on the big screen made me join the devoted.  

Jason K.
I was 12 years old when Empire came out.  My sister and I went to see it on opening weekend and she gasped out loud when Vader told Luke he was his father.  That weekend and that movie brought she and I closer together and it's a memory of her I'll always cherish.

Reeves Reel

I remember sitting in the theatre watching "Return of the Jedi" (in 1983) and realizing that this would be the last time I would be experiencing a Star Wars movie for the first time.  Even though I would watch all of the original trilogy movies several times over the years (especially after they came out on tape), they wouldn't be new for me any more.  And even though Mr. Lucas said these movies were the middle trilogy in a 9 part saga (He said it!  Look it up) this seemed to be it.

Of course, I didn't know about the special editions, the prequels, or the Clone Wars cartoons.  Lucky for us Star Wars fans, there seems to be many new experiences waiting for us in the future.  Or a long time ago . . .

- Robi-Wan Reeves

Jungle Jesse
I remember seeing Return of the Jedi on opening weekend.  My mom took me, my older brother and some of his friends to go and see it.  We waited in line and I kept looking at the behind the scenes book she bought me at the box office while we waited.  Finally we got in to the packed theater and grabbed our seats.  The movie started and I soaked in every moment (especially Slave Leia....wow).  
But the biggest thing for me was it was the first time that I really experienced a movie with an audience that was in to everything.  The cheers seemed deafening when Darth Vader saved Luke by picking up the Emperor and tossing him over the railing.  To this day ROTJ remains my favorite movie and it was what made me want to get into the movie industry.  
Perhaps the best memory of Star Wars is that it was the common thing that my older brother and I have always connected on.  With an age difference growing up the older brother never really wants to the younger (me) around.  But we were always on the same page when it came to our love of Star Wars and playing with our newest Star Wars toys from Kenner.  So I was incredibly proud when he got to see me (and ReevesReel) win an award for our Star Wars spoof 'Cheap Seats' at Star Wars Celebration III.  His little brother was now tied into the Star Wars universe.
 Cheap Seats

What say you?  What are you favorite Star Wars memories?

POPped with the Force by Jungle Jesse              

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