Friday, May 14, 2010

Confirmed: NBC cancels 'Heroes'

We reported earlier today that NBC cancelled Law & Order.  Now comes not too surprising word that they have also cancelled Heroes.  When Heroes premiered in 2006 on NBC, it came when LOST was trapping people in bear cages and viewers were looking for a good show with direction.  But it had more than that, it was a sensational show.  People were discovering that they had super powers and were trying to figure out who they were becoming.  Then you throw in the mix a villain that was ruthless that had to be stopped, and all while also trying to stop the destruction of Manhattan.. Heroes could do no wrong.  

Then the Writers Strike came.  Yes, that whole thing.  Not only did it derail the story arc, but also the planned mid-season version of the show Heroes: Origins.  This was to have special guest directors (like Kevin Smith and Eli Roth) to helm the episodes.  This would keep viewers tuned in to their origin story while waiting for a new season to start.  Well Season two started and had to end just as quickly because the strike was coming and they needed to try and wrap things up quickly.  So we were given the great character of Elle (Kristen Bell), but we were also given the Mexican Wonder Twins and an emotional flying kid.  This of course while Hiro was stuck back in time.  The word came that Heroes: Origins would not happen (some suggested it was an NBC punishment for striking) while NBC execs said that there just wasn't enough time to to do it once the strike ended.  But by then the damage was done and Heroes, along with NBC, were beginning to hemorrhage viewers.

I was then among fans at Comic-Con to watch (months in advance) the premiere episode of Season 3.  This looked to have Heroes getting back on track.  However the momentum was gone and they were now on a network that wasn't paying attention to creativity and just looking to churn out as many new shows as possible with the hopes that one of them would be a hit.  (My Own Worst Enemy anyone?)  The NBC audience was now gone.  Not just from Heroes, but from everything.  You can't advertise a show to people who aren't there.  It's like telling a story to an empty room and expecting someone three doors down to tell their neighbor about your great story.  It just can't happen.  Unfortunately this mentality is what has landed NBC where they are, yet Jeff Zucker will never admit that no one is there.  

So, instead of helping usher a possible great final season, they have elected to cancel with the possibility of a TV movie to wrap it up.  (Just like they're doing with Law & Order.)  While I have been disappointed with where Heroes has ended up, I have always held out hope for a great finale.  Yes, each episode of Heroes is expensive to make, but how much more expensive will shows produced by Jerry Brukheimer and JJ Abrams be?  Having their names attached does not guarantee that they will be hits, nor that they will be good.  Let's hope that we'll finally get a chance to find out what "Save the cheerleader, save the world" really meant.

What say you?  Should NBC have given a short wrap up season for Heroes?  Will NBC ever get back on track with Zucker still calling the shots? 

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  1. I'm surprised to hear they were still on the air.

  2. Honestly, when I'd heard that NBC had told Heroes to wrap up this season as though it might be the last and they said they were going to do a cliffhanger anyways, in the hopes that NBC would give them a few more episodes to wrap it up- I lost any sympathy for anyone but the actors. It seemed like a supremely disrespectful thing to do to the fans, because even though this was all before the Conan stuff went down, it was already clear that NBC wasn't likely to simply let that slide when Heroes wasn't bringing in the ratings.

    It's sad. I loved the show, I loved the premise. But they forgot that when a show is a hit, you have to remember what made it a hit. They added too many characters, and lost any of the interesting character development. Which is when it lost me. (Then they killed off all the characters I liked! Elle? Daphne? Boo)

  3. They killed off Boo? When did that happen?