Friday, April 2, 2010

Will all new technology cease to exist after the iPad?

No, it won't. But Apple is sure making it sound like they're telling everyone, "Game over. Just pack you stuff and go home." That being said, they have done an incredibly smart thing..they have opened the iPad app store for us to look at before the actual release of the iPad. I have to say that many of these apps do make it exciting to get an iPad. "Why Jesse? Why's he so important? What's he carrying?" Here are a few highlights:

Entertainment Streaming

Here is something that people have been wanting since Netflix began streaming content. With your Netflix account and the Netflix app you can stream movies to your iPad (along with making changes to your queue). You know what else is awesome? The Netflix app is free. (I know!)

Here is another smart move.. ABC will be streaming full episodes of their biggest shows as well. With the ABC Player you can stream episodes of LOST and then listen to our LOST POPcast after you subscribe in iTunes. (Hint, Hint)

With this premium content available, Hulu needs to get on their game and either make the site friendly to mobile devices or get an app out soon.

Live Sports content

The NBA and MLB have some great apps for you. With the NBA you get a great looking bracket every day to give you a break down of that days games. NBA Gametime Courtside is free.

With the MLB you can stream live games. And if you need stats for your Fantasy Baseball team, you'll get stats a plenty here. MLB at Bat is $15.


If I am reading a book, I will always prefer to have the feel of paper in my hands. That being said if you are looking for an e-reader this is as good as it gets. With a nice looking bookshelf you can place all of your purchased books there to read when you're on the go. And that's where the convenience comes in. The iBooks app is free but you do have to purchase the books.

News Apps

The first newspapers to get an app ready right out of the gate are the New York Times and USA Today. These are the best free app options right now.

There are a lot more to choose from, but these ones are the current stand outs. Take the jump into the iTunes App Store to see more. There are some other's on there, but unlike the iPhone or Touch, the iPad is definitely not made to carry around with you. This is for around the house or to pack up and take with you on trips. I only hope that the Netflix app will be made available for the smaller devices soon.

What say you? Have you pre-ordered yours already? Are you now thinking about getting one? Drop us a comment and let us know.

POPped in the App by Jungle Jesse

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