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The LOST Blog: LOST 6.13

*This was blogged live.  Spoilers ahead..*

LOST 6.13

Previously on LOST, there were a lot of people getting thrown around.  By hands, by bullets, by Locke, by cars.

It's a little creepy when Locke tells Jack he was hoping he would come.  After all the touching and stuff, you should really have a walking buddy.

And MIB confirms that he was the one disguised as Jack's dad in the first season.  He did that to help him find water.  Jack has a lot of questions and Locke Monster doesn't like it.

In Sideways land Locke is being rushed to the hospital and just happens to arrive with Sun being brought in for her gun wounds.  But she's a little spooked at the site of Locke and Ben.

On the Island Claire is following Jack and Smokey.  And apparently she believes that since Jack has talked to him, he is now stuck as his follower.  Oh, here comes the theme song.  Everybody.....


Sawyer is telling Hurley about the sub and how they're going to use it to get off the Island with only the ones they like.  It's like weird click in the Island high school.

In Sideways land Sawyer is now interrogating Kate, who is real tough looking in her leather jacket.  They may as well have put her in fingerless leather gloves wearing a bandanna.  But now Miles and Sawyer are going to go after Sayid because of the dudes he killed.  I guess this is where they all end up at the hospital by next week.

On the Island Miss Zoe has arrived to take Desmond back.  Now she's supposed to be a tough girl too by having the other other other Other's that are either good or bad launch a bomb near Smokey Locke's camp.  This was supposed to be impressive and make us think, "Holy s***," but it was really kind of a non-moment.  Honestly, this Zoe is even less impressive as a tough character than Kate.  Next time she comes on screen, imagine her saying, "Jeeky Scooby."  She's Velma!  Does that make Whidmore 'Old Man Whithers' and they are just on haunted amusement park?

In Sideways land Desmond is now persuing Claire and trying to figure out how to get her to also get to the hospital.  She's trying to go to an adoption agency and he's claiming he can help her get a lawyer, who happens to already be looking for Claire.  What luck!!

Locke is now gathering up his peeps to go and invade the other island, but Sawyer plans on them never making it there.  He wants Jack to try and get only their BFF's and not the evil, stinky people.  During this Locke tells Sayid that he wants him to kill Desmond for him.  (You know, for an evil puff of smoke who pretends to be people and has been around for hundreds of years, he asks a lot of favors with out really doing anything for himself.)  But by asking Sayid to kill him this means that everything Desmond has gone through makes him invincible to Smokey's tricks.

At the wishing well Sayid is having some trouble killing Desmond.  He tells D that if he kills him that his lady friend will be brought back by Smokey.  But it's interesting, Sayid tells him that he died and Smokey brought him back.  Hmmmm....

And on Sideways land Miles and Sawyer arrest Sayid pretty easily.

On the Island Sawyer tells Kate that they are escaping and not bringing Claire.  She's very conflicted though.  The Kate crying countdown has started.....

Smokey's peeps are now making their way through The Lost World and Jack is trying to understand why Claire is following Smokey.  But he sees that things are falling apart.  He heads back to check on Sayid and Jack sees this as their opportunity to break away.  This is not going to be kosher for Claire.  Claire catches up with them and is ready to kill.  Kate convinces her to come with them, and of course this is not going to make Smokey happy.

Smokey has been convinced by Sayid that he has killed Desmond, but we never see his body.  So we can expect him to show up sometime soon.

In Sideways land Jack and his son have arrived to see the same lawyer.  It appears that his dad's will is about to be read and is now discovering that Claire is his half sister.  But wait...by some miracle the hospital calls him.  "Uh, Dr. Shepard...all of these people are arriving at the hospital that have some strange connection and we say on page 42 of the script that you're supposed to be here too."  "Okay, I'll be there by page 48."

On/off the Island on the boat Jack isn't sure about the leaving so Sawyer wants him off the boat.  So Jack jumps.  But uh, Kate won't have two people to be confused about and this confuses her.  Probably because Sawyer is scowling.

In the hospital Sun is out of surgery from gun shot wounds with only a heart monitor on.  Wow, she's lucky.  Jack is prepping for sugery and isn't it just the darndest thing, it's Locke.  Well I'm shocked.

On the Island, Jack has arrived back on it pretty quickly.  And he's upset that Sawyer took his boat.  Luckily on the other Island Sun and Jin are finally reunited and now she can speak.  Awwww....  But it looks like Whidmore wants them dead instead so they make them all get on their knees to be executed.  He's also bombing the other Island, and Smokey saves Jack during this.

Whhoooosshh... LOST.

Well, this was an okay episode.  You would really tell the entire time that nothing was going to happen this week because they have to start getting everyone in place.  Here's what I would like to see in the next episode.  When Jack cuts open Locke in the operating room the Smoke Monster comes pouring out of him.  That would actually surprise me.

There's only four episodes left, what do you think?  Are you satisfied with where this has been going, are you hopeful for the end, or have you given up?

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