Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.12

*This was blogged LIVE during the broadcast.*

LOST - 6.12

*Spoilers Abound*

It appears that in sideways land, Hurley is the Bill Gates of chicken.  And Mr. Dharma Instruction Films Dude is giving his introduction speech.  His mom is mad at him for not being with a woman and is setting him up.  Aww..that's humiliating.

Back on the Island Hurley is visiting Libby's grave, I guess this is when Michael is going to show up.  Before that though Michelle Rodriguez II is here to try and seem tough but caring, only not being able to act well.  Oh my, surprisingly Michael shows up.  Oh wait, not it's not because they showed it in the preview last week.  But at least they used their dramatic strings music to make us think that we should be saying, "Oh my god, it's Michael," when really we're saying, "Ahhhhh damnit!  They brought Michael back."

Sidenote: Is it weird that the Mastercard commercial shows a black family taking pleasure in watching a white guy fall off a cliff?  Just me?  Okay.

Back on the Island, Michael is showing a lot of attitude..still.  Hey, it's not Hurley's fault that you suck all the good stuff out of the show.  That's on you and the writers dude.

While Hurley is waiting for his blind date and eating some tortilla chips, Libby shows up.  It seems that she has seen visions as well and has been looking for Hurley.  But sadly her Doctor has said, "No.  You stop that now sick little girl.  We're taking you back to the hospital and now you're not getting pudding."  Well he didn't really say that, but that's the vibe he gave.

Back on the Island Michelle Rodriguez is mad because Hurley wants to stop them from going over to blow up the plane.  She's not so happy with this and she's gathering up the dynamite and telling them that they have to listen to Richard.

HOLY CRAP!!!  MR II just became Arnst II!!  She's all blowed up!!

Back at Camp Smokey Locke Sayid gets back and show him that he brought Desmond back.  I'm sure this will make a difference to Sawyer and Kate who are upset waiting around.  I'm assuming they speak for the rest of the Extra's there too.  Because if they don't agree, well no Craft Services for them and still no SAG card.

Back at Camp Hurley, they are looking for more dynamite and Hurley says that they should.  Let's go blow up a plane!

In sideways land Hurley is very depressed and eating a lot of chicken at his restaurant.  Desmond is there and is going to try and get him on his side for whatever it is that he's planning on doing.  That'll have to wait though, his order is ready.

At Camp Smokey Locke, MIB is taking the ropes off of Desmond.  He seems so content sitting there, but he doesn't know that Locke isn't Locke.  Uh oh.  MIB wants to take Desmond on a walk because there is something he wants to show him.  That's not good.

On the other side they are headed to the pirate ship to get more dynamite, but Hurley is in a great homage to Return of the Jedi!  You know, when they are blowing up the Empire's shield station and as they run away Han Solo....ahhh nevermind.  For those of you that are now laughing and get it, thank you.  Either way, the ship went boom, Richard is upset and confused and Hurley lets them know he did it to protect them.

During the walk to the ship though, Ben said something interesting.  That when MR II blew up it was because the Island was done with her.  "Makes you wonder what it will do to us when it's finished."  Hmmmm....

Hurley tells Miles that Michael told him to do it, and Miles seems very intrigued about Hurley speaking with dead people.  Hurley believes that dead people are more reliable than living people.

In sideways land, Hurley is at Libby's hospital and makes a nice donation to it in order to visit her.  She's explaining everything to him.  She remembers him in the hospital too and hopes that if he remembers her too.  He wants to know this world but doesn't.  She is in the hospital voluntarily though, so H askes her out.  That's cute.

With Smokey Locke, they both see a young brunette kid.  Smokey gets angry and tells Desmond to ignore him.  Me thinks that this was MIB as a kid.

At Camp Hurley, he's still trying to stop them.  He tells them that Jacob told him to blow up the ship and wants them to go talk to Locke.  Richard doesn't buy it though.  He's still heading out to destroy the plane.  He says that if Smokey gets off the Island, everything is done.  Everything.  He takes Ben and Miles with him to blow up the plane, the other's stay with Hurley.  But Hurley is conflicted because he's lying about Jacob telling them to go talk to Locke.  You can see this when Jack tells him that if it's what Jacob wants them to do, then he'll do it.  You see, even dead Michael is a jerk.  Jerk.

They arrive at Camp Locke at night.  And Sun is wondering if they made a mistake.  Hurley confesses that he didn't see Jacob and Jack knows.  He wants to fix his mistakes and is trying to let go.  He trusts Hurley.  They hear the voices that Hurley hears and off he goes to speak with Michael.  The voices are the voices of people who can't move on because of the things they've done.  But why is Michael now okay with everything after being a jerk.  Jerk.  So they can't move on.  Does this take us back to the idea of the Island being Purgatory? Well, at least Michael is sorry for killing Libby.  So there's that.

On Sideways beach, they finally have their beach picnic.  She kisses Hurley and he now sees everything.  It's amazing what a good kiss can do to you, isn't it?  Desmond is watching (creepy) from an obvious BMW with the logo sloppily covered.  (Good job art department.)  So is he now just going to keep an eye on everyone from a distance before he recruits them as superheros?

Sidenote: I love Stan Lee appearing the Iron Man 2 Dr. Pepper commercial.  After all, Dr. Pepper is a tasty beverage, especially on a hot day. *wink*  (Yes, that's me whoring myself out to them for advertising.)

Smokey brings Desmond to the well...to make a wish?  MIB doesn't understand why D isn't afraid and this is throwing him off.  Smokey, unsurprisingly, throws D down the well.  Back at camp Hurley and his gang show up and let Locke know that they want to talk to him.  MIB gives his word that he won't hurt them.  Sun is confused because she doesn't see Jin, and Jack is even more confused seeing Locke.

In sideways land Desmond is keeping an eye on Locke at the school.  And he runs down Locke on the street with Ben watching.  What does he know about Locke already?  Or was this so that he could get them to be taken to Jack's hospital?

Whooooosssshhhhhh... LOST!

Okay, the preview with the tunnel music from Willy Wonka was BRILLIANT!!!  Honestly, that was better than any episode this season.  There's really not much more to say from there.

What say you?

POPped on the Wonkatania by Jungle Jesse


  1. Holy hell!!! They used the Willy Wonka boat song! love it!!

  2. That was a good episode, but theres something I don't get. What was up with Michael. Like you said, suddenly he's okay with everything after being an ass to Hurley? It didn't make any sense. Other then giving Hurley a reason to blow stuff up, it made the whole island part of the episode have no meaning.

  3. I think "Michael" is not really Michael. I'm also starting to think that Sayid is not Sayid. And I think the kid may be Jacob as a kid (?). Things are not as they seem on the island...and that Willy Wonka song still creeps me out.

    BTW, liked the Arnst II reference; just what I was thinking.