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The LOST Blog: LOST 6.11

*This was blogged live.*


Desmond is waking up after being taken off of the sub. Poor fella. But Whidmore is being all creepy like. Zoe is now doing some sort of test with Nerdapalooza. Let's see a big generator we've never seen before. Someone is dying here.

Yup. He may as well have been in a red shirt. So they're about to put Desmond in here and we're supposed to be worried because it killed the Extra. However this episode is about him so obviously he won't be killed after the commercial break.

So Whidy wants him to make a sacrifice. After their test. Looks like someone's been reading Watchmen.

Oh no, a fly got in the chamber with him! Okay, not really.

And now Desmond is in sideways land too. And he's meeting Claire and Hurley at the airport. He's so polite and he stomach looks even more fake than it did in Season 1. And in this world Desmond is working for Whidmore. Kinda saw that coming so the dramatic music doesn't make it a surprise. What would be a surprise would have been if the boss was Walt. Or the dog. By the way, when are we going to get the dog's version of everything that has happened on the Island? Now that would be a great episode.

Hmm... it appears that Desmond is going to be watching Charlie. And sideways Charlie has a death wish, of course. So sad. Not really. Seems that Charlie is opening up quite a bit to a total stranger. But it appears that when he was choking he was crossing over into the world that they are all trying to get to. He's explaning visions of a blonde girl (Claire) and being in love with her.

You all everybody...

And now he's trying to kill them both by forcing their car into the marina. What is it with Charlie and drowning? But this is giving Desmond flashes of Charlie drowning in on the Island. But this time he's able to pull him out. I guess this is where he suddenly needs to go on search and find out why he's seeing this and what's happening to him. This will of course make Whidmore have some issues with him and it will put a wrench in their working relationship. He'll ask Whidmore who Penny is and then Whidy will get all defensive because he wants him to stay away from his daughter who's engaged to a kid named Walt. Of course, this is all pure speculation.

Well Desmond is going to get an MRI and it will freak out because of the magnetism he's been through. Well it looks like he's in the same hospital that Jack works at (who saw that coming) and now Charlie's trying get out and running in his gown. He looks kinda funny.

"All that matters is that we felt it." Uhhm...what happened in there?

It looks like Jack is also starting to find it odd that people that were on the same flight are ending up at the hospital. I'm sure this is where Sun is going to end up after being shot last week. So now the hospital is the new location that they'll all be brought to. Maybe there's a big prop wheel in the basement of the hospital that has to be turned.

Well it seems that Eloise Whidmore is quite the handful. She's getting the party ready and being a pain with the Wait staff. Desmond hears Penny's name on the guest list and she won't let him near it. She does know what's happening. This means that this world is a chosen, not the desired one. Instead of the reality that the plane didn't crash, it's more like The Matrix where things have been chosen for them. But by who? And it appears that Daniel Faraday is actually Daniel Whidmore. I guess he only wanted Drive Shaft to perform so that he could pick Charlie's brain. Kids these days.

Daniel confirms that this is not their world. They are not supposed to be there. And then he asks him about feeling it too. What is it this last season with the feeling and touching? But he tells Desmond who Penny is and where to find her. So it's back the stadium.

After meeting Penny, they touch and he's back on the Island. He was unconcious for only a few seconds. And now Desmond is ready to help out. But when Sayid rescues him, he's back in sideways land asking Penny to coffee. Let's see if he makes it to the coffee shop. It seems that Desmond will now try to prove something to people that were on the flight with him by getting the manifest.

Whooosh.... LOST!

This was a pretty good episode. It benefited by not jumping around. Also, any episode that centers around Desmond is usually a good episode. While we didn't learn a whole lot, this does seem to be pushing both worlds together.

What say you? Are you still as drawn in to the show, or are you still watching because you're committed to it?

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