Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get ready for 'Scream 4'

Today revealed the first look at the poster for Scream 4.  In an interview with Wes Craven he revealed that the central three characters played by Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette would be returning.  And just as the original poked fun at the horror genre and it's rules, this one will now target studios and their sequels:

(Slight spoiler alert)

It feels like the end of an era of a certain type of film. There are series of films, a lot of sequels, and a lot of remakes, and part of the humor of Scream 4 is when characters comment on that. “Enough of Saw 25 and all!” [Laughs] A lot of films, directors, and studios are the butts of some of the jokes. In order to figure out what’s happening around them, the characters have to figure out where the genre of horror is. So this is a look at horror after 10 years of a lot of sequels rather than original films coming up year after year. One film is successful, and then they make 25 of them. I think it’s time for something new. I’ve done remakes of my own films, too, with The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, but we feel it’s time for something new and different, and that’s what this film is going to be.

Scream's writer Kevin Williamson was responsible for taking the horror movie in a different direction.  This was because he not only understood the genre, but he was also a fan of movies.  While this new series of movies may not be the breakthrough that the first one was, it should definitely point out to people how silly it has become.  And all of it while killing of some new kids.  Any bets as to which main character they'll off in the opening scene?

Take the jump over to for the full interview with Wes Craven.

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