Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conan O'Brien headed to TBS this November

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In what was a surprising move to many people, TBS announced that Conan O'Brien would be joining their late night team this November.  He will be on at 11:00 PM followed by George Lopez at midnight.  This is a great move by Conan.  By being on cable he will get to do his own show without a peacock telling them they know better while their ratings take a dump.  (There's a reason NBC renewed Jerry Seinfeld's show he's producing, and it's not because it's good.  Tick tick Mr. Leno, your time is almost up...again.)  Very quickly Lopez was quick to tell everyone that he is very much for this and excited that Conan is coming to TBS.  He has said that with him and Conan on the show, Team CoCo is now going to be Team LoCo.  (Get it!  Because Conan is Mexican!)

Since it's announcement, there have been those saying that it's a great move.  Then there are those, like "Media Expert" Michael Levine of the PR firm Levine Communications Office, who told CNN that by going to TBS his brand has now taken a dent.  He told CNN:

"You were at 'The Tonight Show,' and now you're on TBS," Levine said, querying how many people can remember the last time they watched something on TBS, or even knew what channel it was on.
"This is a negative move for his career. You can say that it's less pressure, it's cool, they give a foot massage to the guests -- nothing wrong with that, but it's an unparalleled fall from grace for a man who was the host of 'The Tonight Show.' " 

We'll he's right, Conan's sold out tour is all out of pity on our part.  The thousands of people (like us)showing up at rallies around the country is all a joke.  Billboard companies turning over their unused digital ad space to broadcast Conan's tweets is out of sadness.  The key demo's that have left watching late night NBC to catch The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Family Guy repeats is all a fluke. (Read sarcasm)  This only shows that the people in Hollywood still have no clue where their audience has gone.  We've said it before, but you just don't get it.  You're busy thinking that we can't wait to see comedians make fun of a married couple, when actually, we can wait.  As a matter of fact, we don't want to see it.  For every LOST there are thirty Invasion's.  With every GLEE there is Viva Laughlin.  But while ABC is telling us that their new version of V is a classic before it airs, it's a cable show that has won the Emmy for Best Drama.  It's cable shows that are breaking ground and getting people to leave the networks.  

So while you try to stay hip by starting a Facebook page for your show, we've already moved on to Twitter.  Face it Hollywood, we've left your networks and gone to cable and the internet.  That's the thing you're reading this on grandma.

What say you?  Will you be following Conan to TBS this November?

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  1. I know that I will! It should be a great home for him- cable will free him of network censors and give him a bit more liberty. Not only that, since ratings are typically lower for cable- they'll be less concerned with numbers and more with audience reaction on forums and so much.

    Just sad that networks aren't willing to wrap their heads around anything new. The only one on broadcast who respects that the ratings system is flawed and keeps shows on to build audiences is the CW- and that's just because they know that ratings tend to underrepresent that demo. Someone out there needs to find a new way to track viewership- but that's another rant for another day.