Thursday, March 11, 2010

POPped Review: Our Family Wedding

Review POPped by SkipTink

Every little girl dreams of her wedding. She knows the colors, the dress, and the flowers she wants a decade before she actually gets married. Or so they say. (I apparently I missed that class.) But there are four little words that little girls are completely unaware of until they actually come home and tell their parents they’re getting married.
           Our marriage, their wedding.
And that’s the jumping off point of this movie. Lucia (America Ferrera) and Marcus (Lance Gross) come home to tell their parents their plans to get married. Unbeknownst to the happy couple their fathers (Carlos Mencia and Forest Whitaker, respectively) have a run-in the very day they plan to get everyone together to break the news. On the surface, this movie is about the challenges of blending two very diverse cultures into one family. But once you get through the machismo of the dueling dads, you will find a very sweet story filled with very funny, yet real moments. Sure there are a few over-the-tops things, but if you’ve ever had a hand at planning a wedding you’ll relate to some of the absurdity.

Wayne Conley, Malcolm Spellman, and Rick Famuyiwa have weaved together a story that combines the relationships of soon-to-be husband and wife, a bitter divorced father, a couple who have been married for 25 years, as well as the relationships between parent and child.

It would be easy to let this movie get lost in the one-upmanship of Mencia and Whitaker (Academy Award winner for The Last King of Scotland) if it weren’t for the level-headed performances of not only Regina King (Ray, TV’s Southland,) but also Anjelah Johnson (Ugly Betty.) These two ladies keep the movie grounded and are a breath of fresh air in the testosterone-heavy chick flick.

There truly are some great lines in the movie that add that sappy touch and have the ladies reaching for tissues and sighing.

Our Family Wedding opens this Friday, March 12th.

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