Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.9

This was blogged live during the broadcast.


So Michelle Rodriguez 2 was pretty damaged in the hospital when Jacob came to find her. And now Richard has the key, but he has no idea what to do. Good times.


They're dead!!!!!!!!! They're in hell and no Richard is not a happy camper.

Hurley is talking to other dead people, but in Spanish; and Jack is still ticked off.

In 1867 Richard rode horses, had a beard and very little eye liner. His wife(?) seems to be sick with tuberculosis. That is quite the thick accent Ricardo. It's like he's back on Suddenly Susan.

You know, the Canary Islands look an awful lot like Dharma Island.

I'm guessing that this is how Richard becomes a slave...in exchange for medicine for his wife. Or perhaps he accidentally kills the doctor. Yeah...that's not good, dude.

Wow, it's so unlike the church to not want to help someone and tell them they have absolute power over them to grant forgiveness. (Alright, off my soap box.) But the priest won't forgive him of his sin

So if Richard is truly hanged we'll know that he's correct about everyone being dead.

This is how he ended up becoming a slave and when he came over in the Black Pearl. The priest (being the honest man) sells him in to slavery. Jerk.

The ship is sailing for the new world but the weather started getting rough and their tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of... watch out for that statue! And that's how the statue ended up breaking. We just can't have nice things.

Ancient smokey. Is it MIB or Jacob? It leaves Ricardo alone, but it must be MIB, Locke Monster, because he told him that it was nice to see him without chains.

This is by far the best episode they have done in a looooooooooooooooong time. I would say that as of right now this is the best episode since the pilot.

Well something's up with the crew and they begin to kill off the slaves down below. This can't be good. Luckily Smokey shows up and kills the crew off but leaves Ricardo. But he's still in his chains. Thanks a lot jerk. Ricardo has a lot of patience as he tries to unscrew the chains and dig at them. But he's lousy at killing a wild boar.

Did Richardo die on the ship? His wife's ghost is telling him that they need to get the hell out. But he's sending her away before Smokey comes back. As real as it seemed, we all know that this wasn't really her. Was her appearance a test for Richard?

Again with the touching? But it's not Jacob, it's MIB. So how does Richard break his loyalty with Smokey and align with Jacob? He has to kill the devil? Does this mean, as we said in the podcast, that Jacob has died many times and they've used his ashes from them all?

This fits in to the Jacob's Ladder. The devil wants to go home (heaven) and he can't. But is Jacob the de-veel or is Smokey? Or perhaps this is all a bet for $1.00 to see what they could get humans to do.

There's that knife again.

So today we learned that Jacob is kind of a dick.

MIB and Jacob are using the people as pawns in their own game against each other. When Jacob tells Ricardo that they need to talk, does this mean that we will also find out information? Please?

Ooohh...sacramental wine. No one comes inside the foot unless they are invited? Fine, well you can't come over and touch people without being invited. How do you like them apples? Jacob tells Richard he's not the devil. He brought them to the Island. But who on the ship was a candidate? Was it Ricardo? One of the killed slaves. Captain Haberdash and his sword of killingness? (Not his real name, but I like it.) But he brings up something that we've been saying here. He brings them to the island to solve their problems. They need to figure it out on their own. But he also tells Ricardo that he can't bring his wife back and he also can't absolve him of his sins. So we know then that he is not God. Does this mean that those who are currently on the island are also doomed because of their choices and they are merely there for the bet? We'll probably never know, be we do know that Richard will live forever doing Jacob's work spreading the good word of not a whole lot. He is the Eternal Assistant. That would suck.

Back in the present (?) Richard has changed his mind about following Jacob and is willing to follow Lock Monster. But Hurley being in the new Quantum Leap is now making changes and helping people. He's talking to Richard's wife and has to translate. She mentions his good English but doesn't ask why he's wearing eye liner? And women get mad when we don't notice they got their hair cut. Am I right fella's, huh? And what about that airline food? Whooo!

Richard has to stop MIB because if he doesn't, we all go to hell. But if this is the deciding factor of them possibly going to hell, then that means that they are in purgatory. Which means that they are not dead like we were told at the beginning of the episode? Or are they......?

Whhoooosh... LOST!

This was a great episode. Do you know what made it great? It didn't bounce all over the place. It had a central theme and story and stuck to it. I could go on and on about it not really giving a lot of answers, but we finally did get a few. They were all really about Richard, but it was good to finally see where he came from. It as also great to hear Jacob explain why Smokey needs to stay on the island, but he was still kind of a dick. At least he offered him wine.


POPped in the Canary Islands by Jungle Jesse

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  1. Finally, Lost is back and in good form! That was a great episode and wasn't filled with too much Sawyer overacting, crying Kate, or Whiny Jack. (Maybe just a little whining)

    This episode ranks up there with the early Ben Linus episodes and Desmond's constant episode..

    Well done!