Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.8

This was a live blog during the broadcast.

*Spoiler Alert*

LOST 6.8

Sawyer's found Jin and there's a lot of explanation happening. That's a good thing in case you've skipped a couple of episodes.

There's an awful lot of staring in this episode.

There's Kate. How long until she starts crying? Bets anyone?

This is a nice twist. Sawyer's original con is now turned around.

Miles is a cop and so is Sawyer. Nice twist! Hmmm... so this being opposite world it does seem right. Nice throw back to LaFluer... LaFlur... you know, his name in the 70's.

Does this make Miles "Medium"?

Yes Smokey Locke, please answer questions!

So it seems that Det. Sawyer is still looking for his dad in the parallel world, and they are Lakers fans.

Locke Monster is still afraid of being killed. This means that he can be killed. Interesting..

So Sawyer has to spy on the other other other Other Defenders. Me thinks that the ones who can kill Locke Monster are either, Sawyer, Jack or Hurley.

Thus far the only question answered is that Locke Monster is actually the smoke mons....oh, wait, we already knew that. Jerks.

Oh, hello Charlotte. It's nice to see you in a not so surprising appearance.

That was an awkward love scene transition. And now she's snooping.

Someone needs a hug.

Girl fight!

Daaaaamn... Locke Monster just laid the smack down on Frizzy Claire.

Oh good, it's the plane we ordered.

That there is a lot of dead people in a pile. Hooray... another new character.

So the path he was following. Was that where they dragged Locke's coffin, or did Glasses drag them all down that same path. Perhaps she's the OCD character we've been waiting for. You know, there's nothing else to do, so she drags them and tries to stay within the lines. If she messes up she starts all over again. No? Okay.

Hey, it's the other member of Drive Shaft. Way to go Sawyer, you drove someone else out of your life.

Okay, so Glasses is incredibly filthy except for her clothes. Okay, I guess she's lying because she is a reeaaaal bad actress.

33 minutes in and Kate's crying.

Oh, look... it's nerds with guns. "We played a lot of Modern Warfare, we totally know how to flank."

(Sidenote: I'm watching this Wal-Mart Twilight DVD commercial and wondering, "Do you think the children putting together their packages in the sweat shop got excited that it was a Twilight dvd?")

Locke Monster is trying to explain why he is this way to Kate. Sooooo all of this killing and being all smokey is because he has mommy issues? Really Writers?

Look, a sub! So perhaps Whidmore will explain things.

And Sawyer loves him some Little House on the Prairie. Leave it to Paw to get things straight.

Uh oh, it looks like Whidmore is putting this on Sawyers permanent record.

Well Sawyer is trying to play Whidmore and Locke Monster against each other. Some how I don't think it's going to work. I have a feeling that he knows exactly what Sawyer would do. We've already seen that Sayid couldn't kill him. As I mentioned earlier, I think it has to be a specific person to do it. The obvious choice would be that it has to be Jack, but I'm going to lean towards Hurley.

Now Claire's crying. You see what you started Kate?

And now Sawyer is sharing everything he knows with Locke Monster. Hmmm... interesting.

Back in Sideways, Sawyer is now telling everything to "Medium" Miles.

Now Sawyer catches "tough" Kate. It was supposed to be an "Oooh" moment. Not so much.

Back on the Island Kate and Sawyer are sitting around the fire and sharing a nice moment. Okay, why are they making it out to be such a big deal that he plans on stealing the sub? Duh. Now if Sawyer had said, "We're not taking the plane... I've built a balloon out of a dress and some dental floss and we're getting the hell outta here." Then I would have been surprised. This? Not so much. Jerks.

Well, once again, not a whole lot of surprises here. But I am very happy that next week's episode is about Richard. Finally!

What say you? What did you think about this episode?

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