Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conan on tour and Team CoCo humiliates Leno..again

Image: TeamCoco.com

The week after Conan's last show as everyone speculated when an announcement of a new television would come out, rumor started coming out that he was thinking of something else. Something that would really prove a lot to his potential new network, and keep much of his staff working for a few months. He is taking his show on tour. That's right kiddies. It's "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour". That is a brilliant name.

This tour is a fantastic way for Conan and his team to stay in the news, and show exactly how popular he is. "How popular," you ask? With a quick tweet from Conan, suddenly TeamCoco.com crashed and dates were sold out. They then added dates where they could and those sold out just as fast. (I'm seeing him in San Francisco on April 22!) I highly suggest that you keep trying the site or follow Conan on Twitter. There may be new dates added. We'll keep you posted.

And that was just one Conan story last week.

The other came from a Conan fan who happened upon Jay Leno shooting a bit for TTS. Posing as a fan and having his picture taken with Leno, it turned into a sucker punch and was funnier than Jay. With a wave to the camera, on the fans hand is CoCo FTW (FTW = For The Win). He quickly posted the picture on the Team Coco Facebook page, then TMZ and the Huffington Post quickly jumped on the story and re-posted the picture.

Picture: TeamConan on Facebook

A part of me wants to feel bad for Jay, but the other part of me is too busy laughing. Me thinks I hear Jerry Seinfeld already deciding which studio he wants when he takes TTS from Jay. (Mark my words kiddies, I have a hunch. You don't think he's hanging around NBC a lot lately because of his awful Marriage Ref show or 3o Rock cameos, do you?)

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  1. Conan was out shooting digital inserts in H-wood last week -- pulled up to a Boulevard tourguide and said "I used to have a talkshow" ...