Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready for a JAWS 3D? (Haven't we been here before?)

Happy Hour Chica discovered this today. Cinemablend is reporting that Universal Studios is looking to bring back the most famous Great White Shark in the world. JAWS. And in this post-Avatar world, the current rumor is that they will be looking to bring it back in 3D. (Alright kids, get off the roof and come back inside.) There are so many things wrong with this, but if their source is to be believed, they are considering Tracy Morgon in the Matt Hooper role. (Alright, I'll head out on the roof with you.)

That last statement alone makes me think that this is nothing more then a crazy rumor, as far as the casting goes. But, I think that we should get comfortable with the fact that Universal is probably considering remaking the film. In a world hungry for more 3D (but good 3D) and studios seeing what they can make that's already popular and cheap for them, it is only a matter of time. I'm sure that in the next 5 or 6 years we'll be seeing a Schindler's List remake, but this time those wacky Nazi's are on a road trip of self-discovery leaving a trail of chaos where ever they go.

For those of you that don't know, Universal has been down this road before with JAWS in 1983. But this time JAWS didn't just terrorize in the open ocean. Oh no. This time he invaded Sea World (or a variation of it.) But I'm sure the new version would be much better. Right?

Take the jump over to Cinemblend for the full story.

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