Thursday, February 11, 2010

POParitaville EXCLUSIVE: Captain EO to Return This Weekend at Disneyland?

As we reported last month (here) it looks like Captain EO is close to making it's way back. POParitaville has learned that testing will begin tomorrow at Disneyland with Cast Members which may mean that it could open as soon as this weekend. We have received this email that has been sent to Cast Members:

Cast Members Needed for Captain EO Attraction Testing

Walt Disney Imagineering and Resort Operations will be exercising the systems of Captain EO on Friday, Feb. 12 with full and partial loads. Cast Members are invited to test the attraction from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

One of the great things about being a Disneyland Resort Cast Member is having the opportunity to participate in exclusive opportunities - such as seeing Captain EO before it is open to our Guests. As always, with these opportunities comes the responsibility to adhere to our Company's policies and guidelines on proprietary information and intellectual property. We are very excited about the return of Captain EO, but keep in mind that while show elements may be active, the attraction is not yet complete or ready for the public, so please don't share your experiences with others, on the blogs or anywhere else.

Interested Cast Members should enter Backstage via the Space Mountain hallway on the backside of the Space Mountain attraction and be prepared to show their valid Resort ID. Please do not enter the attraction On Stage. Also, please be aware that cameras will not be allowed and cell phones must be turned off before entering the theater.

The question now is what elements may be missing during the test? There has been word that some items that may not make it back include the lasers that shot over the audience during the movie, or the star backdrop in the screen. And even if they are not there, perhaps they'll be put in during it's run...maybe. Either way, we're just excited to get to see Captain EO in 3D one more time.

What say you? Will you be making the trek out to Disneyland to see it?


  1. star jones eats this 4 breakfast

  2. Not a good prediction huh....Was there on Sunday.. All was quite.

  3. All was "quite" here as well. Just because I ended up huddled on the floor cutting myself while mumbling, "I will always point with two fingers," over and over..we knew it probably wouldn't open to the public. But there was hope. Just like I hope one day we'll live in a world where AP's and Cast Members can live together in harmony, without the snide comments about each others grooming habits and choice of attire. That Anonymous, is the land I dream of.

  4. What are these technical terms and quotes you feed off off.. But then agian you are a gentleman and a scholar. Is why you blog.. I meant no harm. Just eager to see "The King" Michael Jackson, back at Disney.

  5. Trust me, no harm was taken at all. Everything was in jest and good times. I hope that we provide a chuckle every now and then. I too am excited to see MJ back at DL. Once we receive the inside word on the public opening we will bring it to you right away. The CM preview came and went very quietly, so some things may be in need of tweaking.

  6. This just in!!!!!! Disneyland will be doing the Re-opening this Tuesday.. Feb. 23