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The LOST Blog: LOST 6.5


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LOST 6.5

It's nice that Jack wants to bond with mom over the phone, but apparently some of his memories are missing.

Dad?!?!? Jack has an emo kid?

That is a biiig pink shirt Hurley is wearing. And Jacob is at the water and now he has some instructions for Hurley. Hmmm...is Whidmore coming to the Island?

Jack's kid is reading about Alice. Well Jack's kid is not responsive, probably listening to Drive Shaft, and doesn't like him.

Back on the Island, Jack is telling Sayid the truth about the pill. And now we're back at Claire and Jin. Boy....she has seen better days.

Hurley is now taking a journey through the Temple of Forbidden Eye. Jacob tells him to tell evil Jet Li that he's a candidate. But Jacob also wants Jack to come. He has what it takes seems to be the key word. And once again Hurley pulls out a Star Wars reference. Nice.

So where are we so far? Someone's coming to the Island, Jack doesn't remember some things, he has a kid who hates him and Jacob has a mission for Jack on Hurley.

Back at Claire Mannor, she is more believable as a bad ass than Kate. So is she really sick with an "infection"?

During Jack and Hurley's leisurely stroll they happen to come across Kate. Well that's a nice coincidence. She's on a mission to find Claire (did someone mention Claire to her on the island?) and won't be going back to the temple.

Back in Sideways City, they are looking for Jack's dad's will and trying to understand him. And it appears that he's left some stuff to Claire. I really hope shampoo is one of the things. Claire believes they have Aaron because her "friend" told her and so did her dad. And when we last saw Claire in Jacob's cabin she was in there with her dad. Soo... are her dad and her friend Jacob and Smokey Locke?

Back with Jack and Hurley they're talking about life and Kate and kids. They're at the caves they used to live in. And Hurley tells him exactly what we've been saying.... that's them buried there! Jack mentions that his dad wasn't in the coffin. So what if his dad didn't really die? Nah, nevermind. That's dumb.

Back at Sideways City, Jack's kid has run off to play at a music conservatory and now he's sad.

Oh good, there's the lighthouse we ordered.

Jin has told Claire the truth about Aaron and now she killed her prisoner from the temple. This can't be good, but she had great form.

Back on the island Jack and Sawyer need to turn on the lighthouse. So who is it that's supposed to find the Island? Who's coming? Will they make it?

City Jack has found his son's performance and bumps in to Evil Jet Li from the temple.

With very Indiana Jones music Hurley is tilting the mirror and we see that their names and numbers are a longitude to find them. This of course goes back to the Alice books as they've now stepped through the looking glass. But Jack don't like this, Jack don't like it at all. Breaking the mirror it appears that he's ruined whatever it was Hurley thinks they were supposed to do. But I don't think that's the case. I believe that Jacob knew that this would happen. He wanted Jack there for a reason. Perhaps this ruins some of Smokey's plans.

Sidenote: The Desperate Housewives commercial does not make me want to see it. It makes me want to stab my face.

Jack is now with his kid and they're having a heart to heart. That was the easiest time a kid finally understands his dad.

And Jacob explains to Hurley that Jack can't be told what to do. (But I'm guessing that it's exactly what Jacob wants.) He tells Hurley that someone bad is headed to the temple and there is nothing they can do to help.

We then join crazy Claire back at the camp. She's gotten rid of the body and comes back in to talk to Jin. She tells him that she's glad he told her the truth about the Temps having Aaron. She tells him that if Kate did have Aaron, she would kill her. Then Lockemonster steps in the camp and Jin is very surprised to see him. But when he says, "John?," She tells Jin,"That's not John. That's my friend."

Whoooosh...LOST! (end of the LIVE blog)

This was by far the best episode in a while. We've discovered quite a bit about what might be happening in the alternate reality. Things don't seem to be matching up. His memory of things isn't there, and he's starting to realize that something is afoot at the Circle K. And in this alternate universe he has a kid who appears to not like him. (Aww..real life.) But everything happening to him seems to revolve around his dad. Is this his quest? Finding him and getting him home.

And then there were lots of interesting little bits laying around. The biggest of which was at the lighthouse. On the dial that they were adjusting, number 108 was named "Wallace". Who the hell is Wallace? Some are speculating that it's Walt. (GOD, I hope not.) And in the plethora of other names listed and crossed off are Rodriguez and Linus. This list doesn't necessarily mean those that have died, but it could just be ones that are no longer candidates. And then the number 108 plays into this episode quite a bit. First, they are supposed to set the lighthouse compass to 108 degrees, this episode is the 108th hour of the show, in the hatch they needed to re-set the computer every 108 minutes and the numbers add up to 108 (4+8+15+16+23+42=108). Coincidence?

What say you?

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  1. Sorry I missed you live last night. Here are a couple of thoughts:

    I don't think Wallace is Walt, as all of the names are last names. It appears this may be a new character, but we are not sure. Do we know evil Jet Li's last name? On a side note, Wallace is a Scottish name meaning Welsh. I know Desmond's last name is Hume, but he is the only Scot and perhaps Hume is a pseudonym?

    So we are lead to believe Jack's son's mother is his ex-wife Sarah; but in this alternate reality, it could be anybody. Perhaps Juliette?

    And where exactly is Jack's dad? He's not in the coffin on the island, and his coffin is missing in the alternative reality.

    I'm sure I'll have more, but that's off the top of my head...