Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.4


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Locke has a van that doesn't work and now he's getting hosed. (Haha...get it? Because he fell and the sprinklers turned on.) He's engaged and debating whether or not to call Jack. Back on the Island we see his POV as Smokey Locke flying all over. He has Richard and Ben up in the trees, to keep bears out of them probably.

Locke lied to his company and they paid for his trip. Well now he's fired. But back on the Island he may give us some answers. We're seeing the fight between Smokey and Jacob. SL has had a vision of a little kid, which seems to throw him for a loop.

Back at the foot, Ben is with one of the other Others, and she is a baaaaad actress. She tells him that Smokey is recruiting. And he doesn't seem to like fake 60's British rock. Well it seems that his first recruit attempt is Sawyer.

Well Smokey is about to talk to him about stuff. Let's see what we get out of it. Well, we know Sawyer needs pants and he scowls. It's a nice meeting of Hurley and Locke. Hurley now owns his company and Locke needs a job. Awww... they like each other.

Now Michele Rodriguez's even worse acting look-a-like wants everyone to go out and find Smokey and Richard.

And now a little albino kid is telling SL that he knows the rules, he "can't kill him." Who is he supposed to kill now? He apparently already killed Jacob. Richard? Grumpy Jet Li? Temple Guard #3?

Richard is telling Sawyer that Smokey is out to kill everyone and won't help him, not matter what he says. Fun!

At the temp agency Locke is all mad and not walking, but we see Rose. (Hi Rose!)

And on the Island Smokey and Locke are walking and Sawyer brings up one of my favorite books, Of Mice and Men. He wants to shoot Smokey, because that's what he does, but just like the Emporer in Revenge of the Sith, he convinces him that he is his only answer.

According to Bad Actress, Smokey is now stuck in Locke's body so he can't change into anyone else. They've buried Locke and Ben is giving the eulogy. Ironic. Best line of the night, "I'm very sorry I murdered him." Well, at least he's finally getting buried. (Question to the other LOSTies...in past episodes have they found remains in that location or with that suit?)

Back home Locke tried calling Jack but chickened out. He's now fessed up to his fiance that he got fired. But he got his knives back. This is Locke is incredibly different than the old one. He doesn't believe in miracles and now they're making out. I don't need to see this....

Hey look, a ladder taking us to ANOTHER NEW LOCATION! Damnit! Well who didn't know the ladder was going to break with Sawyer on it. It's okay, SL helped him. Nice stage. Apparently they are all on the Island because of graffiti. The only name I recognized there was Reyes.

So Locke is now working in a school. Because being a sub is fun. Hahahahahaha! Ben is there! Nice. A history teacher. Fitting.

Each of their names has a number with it. Guess which numbers.... 4 8 15 16 32 42. Each person was touched by Jacob physically before coming to the island. Hmmm... so Jacob was picking potential people to protect the Island. He can do nothing and just watch, He can become the new Jacob, or he can go home. But no specifics yet. However SL told him that they have to do it together. Suicide? Does he need to sacrifice Sawyer? I don't know yet (I'm guessing sacrifice..in a sense.) But he is very obviously manipulating Sawyer for whatever he needs. (Again, they must have been watching Revenge of the Sith.) Sawyer agrees to work with him to get off the Island. This will lead to bad things.


All in all I thought it was a very good episode. Whenever they've focused on Locke it always turns out to be a good episode. He really is one of the most complicated characters on the show, and that always makes it interesting. Thankfully this one did not disappoint. By blending Locke with the Man in Black, it's made us forget at times that we are not really watching the real Locke on the Island. Just as the show started with Locke trying to find his way in the world, his body seems to still be on that mission as well.

And there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for answers when we saw their names on the wall with the numbers. But just as that was great to see, it answered nothing. Was there a reason for those particular number being assigned to them, other than Jacob had a thing for numbers? Where was Kate's name? Where did they get chalk down there? Is that little albino kid a young Jacob? If it is, who is it that the Man in Black is not supposed to kill? All these questions and more will be answered next week....but probably not.

POPped on the Island with Smokey - Jungle Jesse

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  1. This was one of the best episodes so far. I loved when Locke was going to try and mess up Hurley's Hummer and the ramp broke. This alternate Locke is a lot like Charlie Brown.