Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.3

**Spoilers Abound**

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Previously on LOST...

Other other Other's were introduced, Sayid was killed and then not, they were on the Island and then not on the Island, Lock was dead but also the Smoke Monster, the bomb didn't work but it did work.... now we're here.

Sawyer is a loner Kate, a rebel.

Back at LAX Kate is still trying to escape and not doing a good job. I'm not buying her as a bad ass felon with extensions. But Claire is there and now on the street in L.A. This won't end well.

You know for a guy who's surprised Sayid is alive, the other other Other's are kinda smug. It's as if a bunch of PC users just walked up to the Apple Genius bar for help with their iPod. "Oh, your kind. I guess we'll help even though your beneath us."

Ooohh... the LOST theme..... hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Someone needs to cut together how many times they've said, "Where are you taking him/her?!?" Sawyer has run off, Jack is still upset, and Kate likes to be the rebound.

Sayid is about to get probed!

Tune in Tokyo...

"I just lied to him, didn't I?" Sayid got shocked and branded and they're now taking notes. I could be mistaken, but this appears to be ANOTHER QUESTION!!!!!!! The other other Other's appear to be the gate keepers (literally) of Jacob's Ladder. So in testing Sayid, are they checking to see if he was more than human (after being all dead)? Are they planning on doing this with the Lost peeps?

Okay, now back in L.A. Kate is making ammends with Claire because she feels guilty. I smell a Thelma & Louise spoof coming.

Now they're tracking Sawyer and they've come across one of One Eyed Willies tricks. Kate wants to escape and poor Jin just wants to get back to Sun. But at least he has an amazingly white shirt while walking through the jungle.

In the Temple's kitchen, Jack confronts Grumpy. It turns out that Sayid is pretty sick with some sort of an infection. So he needs to take the pill and go into the Matrix.

Hurley thinks Sayid's a zombie...which would be awesome...and possible. Hurley has been on the money in his off the cuff remarks over the past seasons. Sooo....

I think Jack and Sayid are about to make out.

Jin is trying to get into Kate's head and Kate is trying to get on to Sawyer's he....y they're back in L.A. (RabbiMarauder has brought up a good point about Jin's comment. See below.)

So it turns out that they can't adopt Claire's baby, but that baby is ready come out. Whoa man...

Back at the Other's camp, Kate has caught up to Sawyer. And Sawyer is digging up his time capsule. (Ironic) The countdown to Kate's crying moment has begun.

They still haven't found the right balance between what it supposed to be hardcore Kate, and human Kate. I understand that they're trying to show her humanity, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's just not believable.

Well, well.. it's an Other as real doctor.

While Claire is more believable as a panicked girl who doesn't know what to do, the thought that she would embrace a person who held a gun to her face.

Sawyer has some of his best moments like this. As he's hiding the monster in him and his humanity trickles out.

Hey, she's crying.

So Jack really is the eyes of the audience watching. We don't know what's going on and want desperately to know, so does he. And now we find out that the pill meant for Sayid is poison, which brings the statement from earlier back. Is Hurley right? Through all the time travel, alternate universes, quantum physics; is that all just a pre-cursor to Island of the Dead? Shaun of the Island?

I'm still not buying the Claire/Kate friendship after a gun thing.

Now, after beating up the other other Other's, will they be out for Kate and Sawyer, or are they about the meet up "by chance" with Smokey Locke's group?

Sayid is a zombie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire's a zombie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When nerds attack... they get killed by Zombie Claire. In 2 seconds I believed her more to be a bad ass than Kate.


Okay kids, so another episode has come and gone and we're no where near finding out what the hell is going on here. For the most part things are the same, but we've got some new twists. Sayid being a zombie (allegedly), Claire coming back and Kate cried. But now the question is (stop me if you've heard this one before), are the other other Other's the good guys or not? While it has seemed that they are trying to protect the regular cast, could they actually be afraid of them so much that they want to kill them? As of right now we really don't know what they intended to do with Jack when they wanted to question him alone. Were they going to "test" him too? Is he valuable to them and that's why they didn't let him swallow the poison pill meant for Sayid? Why are they so intent on offering Jack salvation through their eyes? Remember, he was told that by giving Sayid this pill it would help Jack begin his path to redemption. For most of the past seasons they have tried to make it look as if Locke was the key to everything. Maybe it's Jack. Jack has always been the one that doesn't believe in the true power of the Island no matter what he experiences. Are we just waiting for him to finally believe in it, to have faith, and then all is over. Or will it, as I've predicted in the past, all end with the original opening of the series. With Jack laying in the jungle and running out to discover the plane they were on crashed thus starting everything all over again.

What say you? Are we about to turn the Island in to zombie island? Are Sayid and Claire really sick, or do they possess a new power that they wish to control?

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  1. Arnst is not blown up. Is Claire still preggers?

  2. Flashing on Raiders:
    "I'll tell you anything."
    "Yes, I know you will."

  3. It's the pit of despair! "Now, this is for posterity..."

  4. What's Mac from "Always Sunny" doing on the island?

  5. Jin just had the most spot-on question of this whole series, "Who do YOU care about Kate?"

  6. Read a great article on Flavorwire today (http://flavorwire.com/69016/lost-the-curious-case-of-kate-austen#more-69016) that does a great job of summing up all of the problems with Kate as a character.

  7. Prediction: Jack ingests the poison at the end of this episode.

  8. oops, wasn't paying close enough attention.

  9. The time for questions is over; MY ASS

  10. Mostly dead - HA! Nice!
    I think the "poison" was that black ash; to fight against the BSML (BlackSmokeMonsterLocke, er whatever); and I THINK that Jacob is reincarnated somewhere. He spent WAY too much time crouching over Sayid's wounded body as a "dead guy".
    P.S. I watch this show because of you and @johncabrera; you guys suck :-)

  11. wait Jacob not so much reincarnated but body snatch-ee? Like he was looking at Sayid's body thinking "Yeah, I could use that. Patch up that bullet wound, coat of paint, new wallpaper and voila!"
    And yeah, I thought the same thing, "Who put Mac from ASiP on the island??" and then "Wow, he's a whiney little douchebag isn't he?"

    I wonder if the reason the other Other's won't tell Jack & all what's going on because they are SO TIRED of explaining everything :-)