Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The LOST Blog: LOST 6.1 & 6.2

**SPOILER ALERT...again**

LOST - 6.1 & 6.2

Don't expect a season 5 recap here kiddies, we're jumping right into it... and it's time to sing the LOST theme song again. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm... we cut from the bomb exploding at the end of season 5 and join Jack sitting in the plane enjoying himself an nice cocktail. After getting through some strong turbulence it's obvious that the plane is not going to crash. And we get the obligatory stares of, "Don't I know you?" "No, I don't think so." "Oh, okay. We'll I'm sure our paths will cross again because we're strangers but some how our lives are supposed to intersect." "Okay, see you then." Then from the plane the view takes a crashing dive down to the ocean, exploring the ocean floor through some very bad CGI...look kids, Dharma shark... and then see that the island is underwater. How long has it been? I don't know! But there's no time to waste as Jack is called upon to help save a dude locked in the bathroom. After getting a little help from Sayid kicking in the door, they find Charlie out cold and not breathing. After fisting his mouth, Jack pulls out a little bad of heroin. Hooray, and boo. Charlie is upset because he was supposed to die. Jerk. But wait...

We're now back on the island and Kate is in a tree. Miles then joins her, they find Jack, then Sawyer's foot meets Jack's face. It turns out that they are now at the hatch after Desmond has blown it up. And we know this because that's what they tell us. Well he's pretty ticked because he believes it didn't work and is ready to kill Jack, but hark! A voice through yonder metal wreckage breaks. Juliet is calling for help from under the wreckage. It's time to dig her out. Sawyer send Jin to get the van because there are chains in there to help them move stuff. At the van Hurley is with a wounded Sayid (shot in the last episode). Then Jacob shows up in a very clean white shirt..which obviously means he's good. He tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple because they're the only ones that can save him. Oh, and Jacob tells him that he's dead so no one else will see him. In the wreckage Sawyer gets to Juliet. In a very emotional scene Juliet tells him that she has to tell him something, but dies (?) before she can. So when the rest of the group takes Sayid to the temple Sawyer buries her and asks Miles to stay and help. Afterwards Sawyer threatens him with violence if he doesn't speak to her and find out what she wanted to tell him. And with convincing like that Miles does and says she wanted to tell him, "It worked." (I'll touch on this later.) But what's going on at the foot?

In the foot Bizarro Locke wants Ben to bring Richard in because he wants to "talk" to him. Sure, why not. When Ben comes out to tell him this, Richard shows him Locke's body and the gun carrying other Other's decide that they are storming into the foot to take down Bizarro Locke. Inside Locke tells them Jacob is dead and they are now free. They can leave. (Hmmm.. interesting choice of words.) They must have a problem with freedom because they begin shooting at him and he ducks for cover and then disappears. Suddenly the smoke monster appears and starts taking them out, however he does have problems getting to one who surrounds himself with ash. Not to worry, smokey just takes out the ceiling and drops him. After Ben comes out from hiding Locke reappears and apologizes that Ben had to see him that way. ( I knew it!)

Well the plane lands in LAX and everyone departs. Charlie is led out by the cops and Kate is led out by her US Marshall escort. This of course means she's going to try and escape. Yup, there she goes. After pretty easily beating up a US Marshall in ladies room she makes a break for it. After showing terrorists how easy it is to get around in an airport that has no visible security checkpoints in an international terminal, she carjacks a taxi that just happens to have Claire in it. While Kate is making new friends, so is Jack. He's in the Oceanic Airlines complaints office. Why? Because they forgot to load his dad's body in Australia. You know between the crashing, the weak drinks and losing bodies, this airline blows. But at least Jack gets to meet Locke there. They seem to have lost his knives. This is a very nice moment with them meeting and Jack offering to do a consultation with Locke about his spinal injury.

Back in the jungle they make it to the temple and are then assaulted and taken prisoner (of course) because we find out there are now other other Other's. (Freakn aye! Really writers? More?) Well they want to kill them until Hurley tells them Jacob sent them. To prove it he gives them the guitar case, as you would, and they pull out one of Prince's symbols. Not liking him without The Revolution, they smash the symbol and pull out... a letter. Really? That's how you send it? Along with bread, milk, butter and paper towels it also has the names of Hurley, Jack, Kate, Jin and Sayid. They're told that the letter says if they don't help Sayid that they will be in a lot of trouble. So they take him to the River of Dreams, which is right next to the Bridge Over Troubled Water, and submerge Sayid to help save him. It turns out that holding someone under water for a long time does the opposite of help. Sayid's dead. Well now they want to talk to Hurley and find out what Jacob told him. He tells them that Jacob's dead, which is not good news. We know this because they start running around, spreading ash around the temple and shooting off fireworks. Well they then drag Sawyer and Miles in the temple because they were jumped in the jungle, but not killed. Kate promptly begins washing Sawyer, because he's single again.

Back at the foot Richard and the other Other's see the fireworks and then see smokey Locke come out with Ben. Smokey Locke tells Richard that it's nice to see him without the chains and then yells at everyone about how disappointed he is with them. He then smacks Richard around and carries him off into the rape him..or not.

Well back at the temple the other other Other's come in to talk with Jack who doesn't want to talk to them alone. Then, in what really was no surprise, Sayid sits up and is all not dead.


Alright, I thought that these were getting off on the right foot, but then they decided that it was time to throw in some new characters with new powers. Ugh. But I'm going to avoid that tangent and get to what everyone is talking about. The side story of the plane landing. How is this happening? Here's my convoluted sci-fi, spiritual theory. When the bomb exploded it split realities. Thus, they have versions of them that are not on the island. The ones not on the island are the real versions. So when they die, they are actually getting to go home. But the island is almost a version of Jacob's ladder. (Where angels are seen going in and out of heaven..with a ladder.) So you have those that have been protecting this area, and the one who is trying to get back into heaven. Smokey Locke even says that he wants what the real Locke didn't, to leave and go home. The parallels between good and evil were already shown with Jacob and the man in black sitting on the beach discussing human nature. So, is it as many have thought since day 1, that the island almost serves as a purgatory. Maybe not between heaven and hell, but for them to find their destiny. (DESTINY..DESTINY..!)

What say you?

POPped on with smokey and a stiff drink - Jungle Jesse


  1. Nice recap; sorry you weren't around to live blog. I had lots of stuff going on in my head, that I can't remember now. It was nice to see some of the folks we've been missing for a couple of seasons. Where's that guy's sister (the one he's sleeping with - creepy)?

    Biggest "What the hell were they thinking?" moment - that crazy underwater montage with music that sounded like it was lifted from a '40s Warner Brothers cartoon; I half expected the scary clowns to bounce in with PeeWee's stolen bike.

    And what's with the Temple of Doom? If Mola Ram shows up with a crystal skull, I'm out, yo. When the other other Others scrambled their defenses, I thought they were re-enacting the scene where Kong first shows up.

    And do we get Greg Grunberg back? All-in-all, it was okay; but they better start answering some questions before they introduce any more characters. (Are there other other other Others?)

  2. I was very bummed that I wasn't able to live blog with everyone, but once that recap started flowing it felt good. Had a scary moment last night when I discovered the DVR didn't record it. Luckily I was able to get the show before it was up on Hulu this morning.

    The clowns from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Hahaha! I thought I was about start playing Bioshock. There's a lot in store this season, from them and us. I think it'll be a fun ride.

  3. Am I the only one who doesn't see the other Others as new characters? Everyone wondered what happened to Cindy and the kids, and we're finally getting to find out! And given the introduction of the temple last year, as well as the notion that you could "summon" Smokey (I really want to watch that episode again since Locke dragging Ben out there takes on a whole new fun meaning now) it just seemed natural that it would be a big part of the season.

    I like the thought that reality has split. I'm definitely believing that the Oceanic flight landing was real and that Island time is sort of a behind the scenes. With Jack getting his sense of deja vu (and Desmond mysteriously popping in and off the plane), it definitely seems that nothing's irreversable.

    For all the talk that Locke was supposed to save everyone, I like the notion that it's Jack in this new world that just might be the one to save him.