Sunday, February 21, 2010

'Funny or Die' Premieres on HBO (aka.. SNL's days are numbered)

This past Friday, 'Funny or Die' premiered on HBO and hit a home run. For a couple of years now they've been delivering some of the funniest videos around, and nurturing some great comedy writers. It was great to see that the edginess they've been pushing online did not get changed for the TV show. If anything, HBO is the perfect platform for them. Much like Second City and The Groundlings was the stepping stone to get to Saturday Night Live, is now the stepping stone to get to FOD on HBO. has proven since it's start that they know how to culture great talent. I was so happy to see a new installment of 'Drunk History' from Derek Waters. This series is where they have drunk people give us a history lesson while celebrities re-enact it. To call it brilliant would be an understatement. So I'll just call it f***ing hilarious. Here is one of my favorites:

Language is NSFW

Then she reappeared on Friday, this time with Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle.

Be sure to catch a repeat of it on HBO and set your DVR's. FOD on HBO is one of the funniest new shows anywhere. While SNL provides one digital short a week, they are always hit or miss. With FOD, they have a strong enough pool of talented writers and performers that it will always deliver. SNL, your days are numbered (even more than they have been for a few years.)

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