Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twilight…the musical? has posted an interesting rumor. Apparently Universal Studios Hollywood may be looking at changing out their Creature From The Black Lagoon stage musical (see photos here), to a Twilight musical. (Calm down Twitards, this is merely a rumor at this point.) That would be an interesting, and smart, choice if they were actually going this route. It has a built in audience who would come from all over to see this. Plus, quality does not matter to them. Just dress them up in their outfits, call them Bell, Fangy and Wolfy (whatever their names are) and you have yourself a hit summer show with lots of crazy shrieking girls/old ladies.

What do you think? Should USH be exploring this as an option? Would you travel to see it?


  1. What?!?! Please let this be true!

  2. AHHHH! Will they really be there?

  3. They already have a huge audience base that would probably travel from near and far to see it. I'd see it just because.