Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team Conan Storms The Gates!

Story POPped By Happy Hour Chica and Reeves Reel

As a girl who grew up around Seattle Washington, I’m used to the rain. However, I found out very quickly upon moving to Los Angeles that when it rains here, it REALLY rains. And boy did it today. Sheets of hard rain beat down on the streets of the San Fernando Valley, not letting up for hours. Despite the deluge, Team Conan came out in huge numbers, decked out in orange, balancing witty signs or CoCo posters with their umbrellas. We were determined to show our support for our favorite Ginger and Champion String Dancer, Conan O’Brien.

I think the horrendous weather somehow made everyone a little more determined and a little more uninhibited as we stood on the sides of Lankershim Blvd, literally stopping traffic at some points as our numbers grew to several hundred, inching towards 1000.

Several members of the writing staff and crew were out supporting through out the day, and by 2:15 pm, we were rewarded with La Bamba driving past in the Pope-mobile. The excitement grew and finally, closer to 3 pm, Conan came running out and ran down Lankershim, with the mob following, we took up the entire northbound side of Lankershim, chasing him down to Gate 2 of Universal Studios.

As we gathered in front of the gate, chanting “Conan!” we saw a huge CoCo poster get thrown over the side of the roof of Stage 1. And, I’m not kidding you, for the first time that day, the rain stopped. Blue skies appeared and the chant changed to “Conan stopped the rain!!” Andy, Conan and Max made appearances (Conan did the string dance, igniting the crowd), Andy said thank you over the megaphone, but joked that they couldn’t say much more because the lawyers wouldn’t let them. They got pizza for all of us, which was getting handed out to the soggy crowd.

As we all traipsed back to our cars with decimated signs and soggy pants (and everything else) we all agreed that it was totally worth coming out in the weather. The general feeling was that while Conan might not be with the Tonight Show much longer, there are a whole lot of people that are passionate about CoCo, and will follow him wherever he goes. 


  1. That is awesome! I wish I was in California to join in. Thanks for sharing and getting all wet.

  2. That little girl was adorable. Go Coco!

  3. Everyone needs to get a grip. There are more important things going on in the world right now.

  4. Big words for someone who won't post their name. If there are more important things going on, why are you visiting this site? These guys have said that they know other things matter (read their post about giving to Haiti) but they also want to entertain. We know there are more important things happening in the world, but through all of that craziness Conan and this site make me laugh. And at times like these, I need to laugh.

  5. Okay, whoa..whoa....whoa. First off, Carrie, thank you very much for your support. You're right, it is a tough time right now. But knowing that we are making one person laugh or smile..well it means that we need to make more people laugh and smile. But I'm glad that you're one of them. We appreciate you being a fan and we hope you'll keep visiting us here.

    Dear Anonymous,

    You are right. There are much more important things going on through out the world right now. While we're just a web site, there is something that we've tried hard to do. To stay away from the tabloid news that is usually the only thing most entertainment based sites feed on. We don't care about who's dating who, who's getting arrested or who's having an affair. We just want to tell you what's going on in areas that we care about, and that hopefully our readers care about as well.

    Yes, our coverage of the late night wars has been extensive, and sometimes the snark has been pretty hard, but this is one of the biggest entertainment news stories in years. We are witnessing the implosion of a television network by an Executive who is oblivious, a former television host believing that people still think he's funny and relavent, and another performer who just wants to make people laugh and appreciate the art of comedy that many have forgotten.

    Whether you are a frequent visitor, or dropped by for the first time, I hope that you will give us a chance. You just may find yourself forgetting about your problems for just a few minutes. You might even smile. Charlie Chaplin said it best:

    Smile, though your heart is aching,
    Smile, even though it's breaking.
    When there are clouds in the sky-
    You'll get by.

    If you smile through your fear and sorrow,
    Smile and maybe tomorrow
    You'll see the sun come shining through
    For you.

    Light up your face with gladness,
    Hide ev'ry trace of sadness.
    Although a tear may be ever so near,
    That's the time you must keep on trying,
    Smile, what's the use of crying?
    You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
    If you just smile.

  6. That's all good, but what about Heather? She is CUTE! Can we see more of her here? Please?

  7. Should we point Highlander_12 to "Cheap Seats 2"?

  8. Nice job, guys; sorry I wasn't there to help.