Monday, January 4, 2010

POPped Game Review: Bayonetta

I've had the chance to play 'Bayonetta' on the XBOX 360, and let me tell you...I'm all sorts of confused..but in a good way. I think? Let's start with what the game is about. You are the title character of Bayonetta who has been found at the bottom of a lake with absolutely no idea who she is. Lucky for us, we do. She is the last Umbera Witch. The others were wiped out hundreds of years earlier during a massive witch hunt. So now, much like 'Kung-Fu', she is off to discover herself, meet new friends...oh, and fight angels that are out to hunt her down and kill her. Fun! A lot of things are never really made clear to you along the way and you find yourself just along for the ride.

The game play is beautiful and pretty fluid, but it can also be confusing for an average Gamer. They can easily find themselves trying to figure out exactly where the character is on screen and what the hell do they have to do. When I say "they" I of course mean me. By no stretch of the imagination am I hardcore, but I'm far from a newb. I'm here for the fun and good times. For those that have been looking forward to something new that is not from Madden or a first person shooter, this is a lot of fun. The action is way over-done as if it's a B movie, along with the dialog, but that makes it incredibly fun. It is easily seen where they have been influenced by Japanese Anime. From the design itself, to the battles you wage. (What other game will let your character hand stand as you fire off rounds from your gun stiletto heels?) I also found myself pleasantly surprised at the music selection that plays for you. Dropping the big music scores and new tween hit songs featured in almost every other game, you'll find yourself grooving to come of Japan's top music stars. Much of it almost sounds as if a Las Vegas lounge from the '60s has suddenly been fused with Japanese fusion-pop.

So if you're looking for something that feels and looks different to start off your gaming this year, then I highly suggest getting 'Bayonetta' when it's released tomorrow. But if you're the type of player who still has trouble steering Mario in his cart, this is not for you. The game is Rated M for violence and partial nudity. (Yes, you read that right.) You see, what appears to be a skin tight wardrobe is actually an extension of her long hair, and when you summon up a big spell to do away with your foes...the hair seems to disappear. While it's far from what has been seen in other games, it'll probably be enough to get some parents and family groups upset because we were supposed to be watching their kids. Oh wait, no we're not.

Review POPped by Jungle Jesse

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