Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How We Can Help

*Be warned, there is no snark, Leno/Conan, Twilight or nerd news in this post.*

In the midst of choas and tragedy, there isn't much that we at POParitaville can do. Each day we bring you what we find interesting in the world of pop culture and try to make you laugh. Sure, we take funny jabs at some people or express thoughts about who should be on The Tonight Show. But times like
these we also know that there is a time to set aside the snark and entertainment news to try and help, even when we feel helpless. What has happened in Haiti is a tragedy and we all are watching the footage filled with horror and sorrow. But we can help. Below are links to organizations that are always on the front line and are the ones who will be again. These have all been certified by But who ever you choose to go through, please make sure it is a legitimate charity organization. Sadly, right now is when scam artists will try to take advantage of your emotions. So please donate cautiously.

For more groups, please take the jump here.

Jungle Jesse

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