Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey geek heads! JeffroGee here writing to you somewhat live from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Once again, independent film will crash land upon a small mountain town to open minds and hearts despite cold ass weather and slushy walkways. I have always enjoyed getting into Park City before the festival starts and watching the streets slowly morph from serenity to all out mayhem. With that being said, I will be doing my best to blog my experiences here for Poparitaville which will include brief movie reviews and the occasional fun video documenting the oddities of the fest.

I am certainly excited for a few of the films that are playing this year so I thought I would take the time to showcase a few to you.

For starters, there is HESHER starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. A film about how a family deals with loss in a very unexpected way. In truth, I am stoked for this film because of one thing. Joseph Gordon Levitt. In my opinion, one of the most talented and exciting actors working these days. I loved 500 Days of Summer and The Lookout and always felt his performance in Mysterious Skin was extremely bold and worth seeing despite some uncomfortable scenes. I have already circled this film in my catalog as a must see and will attempt to check it out tomorrow at it’s premiere at the Eccles Theatre in hopes of bringing you my thoughts soon thereafter.

Check out a preview here:

How about SPLICE? A truly twisted scenario of splitting DNA ends up creating a horrific problem for Adrien Brody? There are midnight screenings at the Egyptian Theatre throughout the festival. These are usually fun movies that a late night crowd can get into! They can certainly be hit or miss at times but I have checked this one off as a top priority as well. And even if the film were to miss-has Adrien Brody ever given a bad performance? Should be fun to watch either way. I’ll have my flask ready for a fun time with this one.

Check out a clip here:

TUCKER AND DALE VERSUS EVIL-Redneck Dale saves Alison from drowning but Alison’s friends think Dale has captured her so they rally to save her and a simple misunderstanding results in a high body count. Alan Tudyk stars in this one with what appears to be a pretty fun movie. The premise is solid, the idea dark and funny, so I am all about getting to this film.

Watch the preview! Sweetness!

8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION-A documentary about how the Latter Day Saints church spent obscene amounts of money to prevent the infamous Prop 8 from passing in California. Should be a fascinating/frustrating doc!

Preview here...

HIGH SCHOOL-A student will lose his diploma when a school suggests they will test him for marijuana use. With that, our student decides to get everyone in his class high to even the playing field. Yeah….enough said.

SMASH HIS CAMERA-A doc about a 78 year old dude who has been a paparazzi photographer through many of the world’s most tumultuous times! Looks like it could be an interesting piece on a unique life.

HOMEWRECKER-A man on work release program doing locksmith jobs gets into a mess with a hyper active hottie! Sundance is full of simple films that engage us with character driven stories. This film looks to be just that. There is a category this year for films made on a lower than normal budget and this one falls on the list. I applaud movies that prove you don’t need a star to tell a story. Can’t wait to check this one out.

Great lookin' preview!

BURIED-Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin? Claustrophobia induced suspense!

FROZEN-Skiiers forgotten about on a chair lift overnight in a blizzard! Open Water with snow! High hopes that this will deliver!

Trailer gets me pumped!

Okay, so that is just a slice! There are so many more I would love to mention but I have to high tail it to Main Street for some “meetings” right now. Look for my reviews and fun videos in the coming week! It’s gonna be a great time as always and I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts!

I am stoked and ready for another fantastic Sundance Film Festival! If you are here, let me know! Maybe you can buy me a drink or ten! Or…vice versa…

JeffroGee out.

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  1. Welcome aboard, Jeff. Can't wait for this year's shenanigans.