Friday, January 8, 2010

FIRST LOOK: We Found Them... 'The A Team' Movie Trailer

It seems like it's been forever that a movie based on 'The ATeam' has been in the works. Rumors of casting and production went around for quite a while. Finally in 2009 casting was done and production began. We've seen only glimpses of the characters (and been pretty happy with it) but FINALLY, 'The A Team' trailer has hit and we have it for you.

This has me totally jazzed! How many of you were humming the theme to the show? Me too! It was one of my favorite tv shows as a kid. A huge smile ran across my face hearing Hannibal utter "I love it when a plan comes together." So go ahead and ring me up as a ticket sold.

What about you? Were you a fan of The A Team growing up? Are you looking forward to the movie? Are you upset that there has been no 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King' movie announced?

POPped by a pitying fool

PS - For some fun, take the jump to see some info and a brief clip of The A Team Stunt Spectacular that was at Universal Studios in 1984. Sorry, there's no sound on it, but it's still good times.


  1. Actually, Mr. T gave an interview last week where he said that he did want to make a cameo in the movie.

  2. This trailer makes me so happy- both because I keep doing double takes at Neeson as Hannibal (he eerily channels Peppard in the best possible way) and because the dialogue showed that they're keeping the feel of the series, just amping up the stakes.

    I was a huge A-team fan as a kid. I believe I had several boys t-shirts, since nobody thought little girls would like the show. (And I really want a Scarecrow & Mrs. King movie! I loved that show)

  3. You are so right Whitney. It wasn't a great show. It was a fun show, and much like other things it's our nostalgia that makes it special. These looks to be a larger version of the TV show and I am totally down down with that.

    I was astonished at the hate that we got on Twitter and in messages about the movie and trailer. But I'm glad to see a female who loves and understands camp. Personally I would prefer and 'Simon & Simon' movie.